Free Creative Education

Click Here for FREE Creative Education WebinarsChase Jarvis announced, the world’s first LIVE creative education Internet channel this week.  For photography, there are courses from professional photographers David DuChemin, Zack Arias, Scott Bourne, Art Wolfe and others.  And…it’s all FREE! Yep, instead of paying hundreds of dollars to attend a seminar from any of the creativeLIVE instructors, you can watch a live webinar for FREE.

I will be taking Scott Bourne’s three session course on Aperture 3 in May.  Art Wolfe’s 3 session course on The Creative Eye starts on April 20th.  The author of the book I am currently reading, Within the Frame: A Journey in Photographic Vision, David DuChemin will be hosting a 3 day weekend seminar about Vision-Driven Photography in June. Interested in Studio Photography?  Zack Arias will be leading another weekend seminar on that subject.

Click Here for a complete list of creativeLIVE’s Spring courses.  You’ll see there’s more than just photography courses with more to come later this year.

Okay, you are asking yourself, what’s the catch?  The courses are free if you watch them live.  If you miss or are unable to watch a live session, you can purchase it later.  You may want to buy them anyway so you can review them on your iPhone, iPad, iTouch or computer anytime.  I think this is a neat concept and hope some of you will give it a try.

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16 Responses to Free Creative Education

  1. milkayphoto says:

    Cool! I’ve enrolled in Art Wolfe’s ‘The Creative Eye’. Neat stuff, Scott!


  2. Anna Surface says:

    Oh! Thanks for passing this info on. I’m definitely interested in Art Wolfe’s 3 session course on The Creative Eye starting on April 20th.


  3. giiid says:

    That is interesting, I will se if I can join some of the sessions. I suppose the time is corrected according to the country the website is showed at…
    By the way, your photo is very funny!


    • Birgitte, you need to add 6 hours to Eastern time in the course listings. So, if it’s 2pm here, it’s 8pm where you live.

      The photo is one of the rejects when I posted a self-portrait a few weeks back. I cropped it some so you can only see my eyes with the screen reflected in my glasses. Oh, and the Apple logo. It was rejected because I moved some which you can see.


      • giiid says:

        I think the calender change the time acording to the ip adresse, because a lot of the courses are running from 12 am to 2 am…for instance photoshop 13.4 Considering that it is an American site, wouldn´t it be a little late for the students there? or do I mix it all..


      • Birgitte, send them an email about the problems you are having with their calendar. You are 6 hours ahead of us. Some of the webinars do start at 6pm, US Eastern time, which would make it midnight for you.

        The Art Wolfe one starting on the 20th has 2pm US Eastern start times.


      • giiid says:

        At my calender it says : Art Wolfe: The Creative Eye
        8pm – 10pm, wich is correct then.
        I suppose 21.4: Photoshop to HTML
        12am – 2am is correct too, then.
        Thank you, from a sunny afternoon to a -hopefully- sunny(late)morning.


  4. Deanna says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this – how cool! I don’t have my cable hooked up right now and have been missing my weekly dose of Art Wolfe!


  5. Nye says:

    Thanks for the link Scott, so much to offer via the web.


  6. This sounds very interesting, Scott, thanks for the information.


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