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Here are some of my favorite photography links on the Internet. I try to check these sites daily for updates, ideas and inspiration. We all stand on the shoulders of those that came before. These people have big shoulders! Don’t forget to check out my Favorite Blogs listed on the right side of every page.

I’ll be adding more in the future so check back from time to time. If you have any suggestions, drop me a comment!


David Ziser’s Digital Pro Talk

Joe McNally’s Blog

Ken Rockwell’s What’s New

Moose Peterson’s Blog

Rob Galbraith’s Blog

David Hobby’s Strobist Blog

Fellow Bloggers

Adirondack Lifestyle

Stephen Zeller Photography

Thou Shall Blog: Blogging Tips for Beginners


Snapshot Tips

Digital & General Photography

1001 Noisy Cameras

Digital Photography School

Digital Photography Tips & Techniques

PopPhoto Flash

Take Great Pictures

The Digital Story

Your Photo Tips

Online Photography Communities

Digital Grin for SmugMugers

Digital Photography Review for All Photographers

Nikon Café for Nikon Owners