Photo Scavenger Hunt

Karma on her When I Feel Like It Blog thought a Photo Scavenger Hunt would be fun to do and opened it up to her readers.  I jumped right in.  As I looked over the list, I knew I would need to have a camera with me all the time if I was going to complete the list.  Then it dawned on me I had one right in my pocket.  I used my iPhone for all of the photos in this post with additional processing in Aperture 3 or

There is still time for you to join on on the fun as Karma has extended the deadline until March 6th to get your scavenger hunt photos posted.

eyes – Did you know the iPhone 4 has a flash?  I didn’t until I was faced with trying to get this photo.  I was determined to use my cat’s eyes for this one.  Gus, my cat, was not the most cooperative and his black face tended to hide his eyes. I noticed the Flash symbol on the screen for the first time and bingo!

a post box – when walking around my town getting photos for the scavenger hunt, I came across this US Postal Service mailbox which is found on one of the busiest corners in the county. Noticed what the HDR setting on the iPhone did to the moving white car.

a bridge – over the New York State Barge Canal at Lock 24.

a big round clock face – I have featured this clock before but you could not tell how big it really is.

a park bench – a beautiful day but an empty bench. Maybe all that snow has something to do with the lack of park visitors.

something heartshaped – one of the people in my office brought in bags of the little candy hearts for Valentine’s Day.  I found this great message on one of them.

my shoes – unlike Karma, I do not own a bevy of shoes.  In fact, I usually wear my shoes until they are worn out.  For instance, my work shoes are only two years old with lots of  good tread left.

a newspaper headline – I almost used this for the heart photo but it wasn’t really heartshaped.  It is a headline from my hometown’s newspaper and, as a bonus, the hockey photo on the left is one of mine. 🙂

something red – Code Red is the cherry flavored version of Mountain Dew.  These are cans sitting in a warehouse waiting to be filled with something you do not want to give your young children.

something with stripes – bar codes are stripes, right?  In case that got overruled, I found a case of soda which also had stripes.

a big lorry (truck) – walking into work yesterday morning, it was 1.) sunny out and 2.) a good time to photograph one of the Sugar trucks.  See those two story tall white tanks behind the truck?  Those are filled with sucrose which are mixed in with the non-diet soda products my company produces.

a musical instrument – this one proved to be the toughest to get.  I have lots of music in my home but no musical instruments. I was running out of time and getting desperate. A walk around a mall during lunch saved me from the embarrassment of not completing the scavenger hunt with a shop full of guitars!


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24 Responses to Photo Scavenger Hunt

  1. kiwidutch says:

    Scott, I’m still on crutches and out of action for the foreseeable future, may I make a scavenger hunt from not previously posted photos in my photo archives??? or would that be bending the rules too far?…kiwi 🙂


  2. Jennifer A (Bread and Putter) says:

    Fun – and I love that you took these all with your iPhone.

    Isn’t it neat how cats get green-eye instead of red-eye?


  3. Gerry says:

    Scott you made wonderful choices! I love the guitars and the candy heart and the Dockers. I am morose because you take better photos with your iPhone than I take with my little camera, which in any case is in a coma.


  4. Gerry, you do very well with your camera. What’s wrong with it?


  5. Rich Koster says:

    Scott, “U CAN DO IT” takes on a whole new meaning when it’s a Valentine’s Day message!


  6. Karma says:

    I think taking these with your iPhone was a stroke of genius! What a great way to have a camera with you to grab those shots that suddenly present themselves. The outdoor shots are beautifully lit, and your indoor shots have me wondering whether my iPod Touch has a flash – I have one of the newer ones with the camera, which iPod’s didn’t have in previous generations. Thanks again for taking part and for your retweets on Twitter!


    • Wow…I’m a genius? I need to let my family know that. 🙂

      As I said, the only way I was going to get all of these photos was to make it easy to have a camera with me all the time. You can not get much easier than an iPhone.

      You are welcome. It was fun to do and a pleasure to help as you have helped me.


  7. That’s great that you had time to do this, Scott. Wish I did, too, because it certainly sounded like a fun project.


  8. Robin says:

    Great choices, Scott! It looks like you had fun, too. 🙂


  9. milkayphoto says:

    Now that’s dedictation, Scott! I’m still trying to make the deadline….life and weather is NOT cooperating!


  10. Fantastic photos, Scott ! You really found great images and amongst them I must say your cat comes Nr 1 !


  11. Nye says:

    Scott, your iPhone photos look impressive, there’s no excuse for Bo taking bad picture with his iPhone now. 🙂

    This seems fun, I’ve to see if I could make the deadline.


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  14. Dawn says:

    That sounds like a lot of fun…and you got great shots!


  15. You sure did manage to get some pretty cool shots there with your iphone… They certainly are ideal for this sort of project when discretion and convenience high on the list of pre-requisites… Personally I kept forgetting what was on the list whenever I was out… lol…


    • This is where the iPhone came into its own. I surfed to Karma’s blog using the iPhone’s Safari Internet browser and copied the list into a note on the iPhone. I could easily reference the list anytime I needed to. Even while using the camera app. Once I took a picture for the scavenger hunt, I opened up the note and checked it off the list.

      I could easily use the same method with a regular camera as long as I remembered to have it with me. 🙂


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