Assignment 26 Recap

I really enjoyed the posts on this assignment about Summertime.  Where I live, Summer is a three month event with Spring as its lead in and Autumn a colorful ending.  In between, people get out and enjoy the summer no matter how hot it might get. Like many who shared their summers here, they remember the cold of winter.

Before I recap the posts, I want to remind everyone there will not be an assignment in September this year.  I will be out of town for most of the month.  I will supply more details in a few weeks.

If you recall, I asked people to give me a reason to take a summer vacation where they lived.  I think I will be busy the next few summers. 🙂

Denmark was one country I never thought I would want to visit but my Danish bloggers over the years have sure changed my mind.  Carston was first and shared a vintage boat tour of the lakes North-West of Copenhagen. Surely a relaxing and scenic trip to do on a summer day or evening. Truels has shown us many photos from his beloved Danish West Coast and his latest shows the beauty and serenity there which keeps him going back year after year. I hope I can join him there someday.

Here in New York state, Debbie and myself pretty much covered the high points of summer in central New York from Ithaca to Watertown.  Debbie shares the life of summer around the southern Finger Lakes filled with fun at the waterfalls, scenic views of the lakes, summer flowers and a sunset sail. I countered by sharing the sweet life near Lake Ontario with sunsets, swimming, ice cream stands and ways Upstaters keep cool in the Dog Days of Summer.

I have never been to northern Michigan. After Dawn’s poetic post and photos ending with “Come visit northern Michigan. And let it renew your soul.” How could I resist?

My family were not big into camping. They just never went camping with Nye’s family in the Carolina’s and Virgina. I bet they would have become big camping fans!

Karma lives in the home of Friendly’s Restaurants. Well, after they closed two of them this week in Syracuse, I just might visit them and give them a piece of my mind.  Of course, not until I have had a piece of the largest ice cream cake ever made. 😉  See, every worth a trip to Wilbraham especially if I get to swim and enjoy an adult beverage after a big summer blockbuster movie.

Even if he was late, Michael did remember the assignment.  He also very nicely sucked up to me with panning photos from a local summer amusement park. Very well done, sir!

I was very pleased with the turnout.  Summer is a time many bloggers sit back and relax and are not as active. To everyone, enjoy the rest of the summer.  No assignment in September.  However, for those who have taken or will be taking vacation between now and mid-November, keep your cameras with you! 😀

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6 Responses to Assignment 26 Recap

  1. Karma says:

    It was actually the largest ice cream dessert party – I don’t know if Friendly’s ever made a huge ice cream cake, lol! Thanks again for the assignment, Scott.


  2. Nye says:

    Thanks Scott, I think camping is just a Southern thing. 🙂


  3. Simone says:

    ah darn I missed this! Oh well, hopefully I’ll join in again in October 🙂


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