View 194: Baldwinsville 9/11 Memorial

Baldwinsville 9/11 Memorial in Baldwinsville, New York.

Baldwinsville 9/11 Memorial in Baldwinsville, New York. The column on the left is 9 feet tall, the other is 11 feet tall.

Volunteers of the Baldwinsville Fire Department were getting ready for the dedication ceremony of their 9/11 Memorial when I visited the memorial the night before on September 10, 2011.  The bouquet of flowers left by someone earlier was fitting in the quiet of the evening after sunset.

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6 Responses to View 194: Baldwinsville 9/11 Memorial

  1. Wow, freaky; kind of brings things home, doesn’t it?


    • I never would have imagined beams for a destroyed building would hold such meaning until 10 years ago. I am glad I went the night before as the ceremony looked over crowded. It’s over by our first house. Not the greatest of locations but one the department owns.


  2. Karma says:

    I heard that some beams were brought to the city near here too – Springfield.
    Is this one of your HDR photos? It has a certain eerie feeling to it.


  3. This is so much better than the ugly memorial our city put up. I didn’t even bother to go and take pictures. Doesn’t look like it’s permanent either (at least I hope it’s not! Yup, that bad!)


  4. Nye says:

    The scene looks eerie, and very appropriate for the occasion.


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