Assignment 2: Storytelling

As you know, I check out the Pioneer Woman Photography blog from time to time. A little while back one of her photography contributors, Ivoryhut, posted an excellent article about how to create a photo that tells a story. After reading her article, I reviewed my photos to see if any of them were telling a story. Here’s one from last summer (thought snow weary folks would appreciate this) which tells the story of the South New Jersey shore.

Ocean City (New Jersey) Beach.

Ocean City (New Jersey) Beach.

You see sand, sun, life guard boat & stand, umbrella, shorebird, surfer, blue sky and ocean surf…all of which tells the story of what it’s like to be on the New Jersey shore on a late summer afternoon.  What no people?  Ah, imagine yourself there.

The assignment is to go out and capture a story within ONE photograph starting right now until Sunday. March 1, 2009. You may post as many photos as you like but each should be unique. Not looking for a photo essay here. Read over Ivoryhut’s article and see how she put her storytelling photos together. I know you can do it, too. Here’s a hint, the use of maximum depth of field or hyperfocus will help a great deal in creating a storytelling photo. 😉

As before, do not send me your photos. What I would like you to do is post them on your blog, flickr or other photo sharing site, personal website or any other place on the Internet where you can place a link to it here by making a comment to this blog entry. Then we can visit those sites, enjoy all the great photography and some wonderful storytelling, too. Please, have your photos posted by Thursday, March 5, 2009. Don’t have a place to post? Might be a good time to start up a blog or join a photo sharing community. As I did for Assignment 1, I’ll put together a recap with my comments.

If you have any questions, leave me a comment and I will be happy to answer them. By the way, I would really appreciate it if you would help spread the word about this so we can get lots of people to participate. Thanks!

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61 Responses to Assignment 2: Storytelling

  1. giiid says:

    Great subject, I´m ready. Thank you for hosting this fun for photo-bloggers.


  2. Carsten says:

    This one is harder. It will be fun.


  3. I’ll try…. there should be plenty that tells the story of how B O R I N G Texas is.


  4. dalia says:

    My great friend Michaela (the daily click) told me about this challenge and I would love to participate. This is a particular area in which I would like to improve. thanks!


  5. rvewong says:

    That is one tough assignment.


  6. doreen3boys says:

    hmmm, interesting!! I love being challenged. Thanks for doing this, I’m in!


  7. Laurie says:

    You have definitely captured the essence of an afternoon at the Jersey shore. Nice work.


  8. Anna Surface says:

    Hmmm… that is what I’ve been working with for the past year as to capturing a story within a photograph. I’m still working on this as I haven’t quite got the ‘feel’ and ‘eye’ for it… or rather getting what I feel and see captured in the square. LOL Anyway, this is a challenge! Even though it is winter time, and it has turned cold again after a brief warming, I’ll see what I can do for this assignment and try, perhaps, another slant or different slant from what I’ve been doing in capturing a story within a photograph.

    Beautiful photo of the New Jersey Beach, Scott. 🙂


  9. rvewong says:

    A story in a photo… First picture from this posting. “Mother Nature”


  10. karma says:

    Are you looking strictly for newly taken photos, or are older photos that you feel tell a story acceptable too?


    • Karma, the object of these assignments are to go out and create a new image. I’ll be doing it, too. What is a good exercise is looking over one’s library of images to see if any fit the storytelling motif. But, I am looking for something you take this week if you can.


  11. Carsten says:

    While waiting for my input to this challenge you can have an older story:


  12. Hi ya’ Scott. Here is my entry for the contest: Anna and I happened across a week long story of pictures which will follow this one. I’ve also a video of this adventure to post at weeks end. This was a lot of fun for the two of us. Thanks for the challenge.


  13. Rico says:

    Very challenging. Will most definitely try.


  14. Anna Surface says:

    Here is my entry for the assignment:

    This post is a series of photos. Each photo is a story unto itself. There will be a continuation of photo series posts throughout the week of our photo shoot at Truckhenge. Ditto to what Preston said. 🙂


  15. Lillie says:

    Here is my entry. It’s similar to another person’s, but that is coincidence, I promise. I took my photo on Saturday, and only looked at the other entries today.


  16. morningjoy says:

    Scott, I hope I’ve entered this link correctly:

    Mystery Shoe

    I often visit a wetland near my home that is a favorite for birders. I go there in hopes of capturing one of its avian visitors. On this day, however, the visitor was a shoe left on the grass near the water’s edge. I could only wonder if the activities of the previous night were something other than birdwatching. There is a story here, but I’m afraid it’s a mystery.


  17. doreen3boys says:

    Here is my submission:
    I realize there is a similiar picture submitted but purely coincedence as well. I knew when I took the shot it was perfect for the challenge, not realizing someone else had the same thought. Sorry :(.


  18. Rico says:

    Hi Scott, you can find my assignment entry in

    I’m not really sure I got his right though.


  19. Gerry says:

    Well, I finally found stories yesterday. Perhaps it was the sunshine. Perks up a Michiganian’s soul something fierce. One post, three separate stories: Three Winter Tales. Hope there will be more to follow from other Torch Lake Viewers!


    • Gerry says:

      Oh Karen – you definitely told stories! Lessee, suggested titles . . . “Doing the same thing again and again hoping it comes out better this time” and “What pie?”


    • The first one is an excellent storytelling one. The second is good but you know for some reason the camera focused behind the subject. BTDT, still happens. Love auto focus but I have to be careful with it.

      Thank you for participating!

      PS..Gerry’s titles are great!


  20. Hi Scott
    I am recovering from a flu and saw that the deadline for shoot 2 is passed! Can I still enter some pictures?


    • Sure, Chris! Thursday, March 5th, is the deadline for posting. Hope you can make it! I’ve got a touch of something myself. Take care!


      • Hi Scott, I will post some pictures tommorrow.
        The motto of my site is ‘some pictures do tell stories’ so I just have to dust some off 😉
        BTW I take storytelling literally, just as Josef Kounelka does….. In other words: good pictures leave room for the viewers to make up their own story. I just happen to know why I shot the picture this way (my story) 😉


  21. I got a lot of catchng up to do! Great links so far. Keep’em coming! I’ll be posting mine later in the week. Remember, you got until Thursday to post your entries. Thanks, everyone!


  22. Gerry says:

    Another denizen of the Torch makes an appearance with Orange.


  23. Gerry says:

    And another Torch Lake Irregular posts. Babs Young is constitutionally incapable of following directions, but I figured you’d get a kick out of Barbie at 50 anyway. (I’ve scheduled it to post around 8:00 pm but I’m pretty sure the link works now.)


  24. giiid says:

    Your assignment is a big succes, Scott. Thank you for spending time making it.
    My entry to the assignment is :


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  26. dalia says:

    here is my submission. I had a hard time. I need to work on this type of photography.


  27. Hi!

    What a wonderful assignment — I heard about it from Birgitte.

    I have a photo I think might fit (I hope it’s not too late).

    I think there might be a story here — this made me smile, anyway. I hope I’m linking this ok. I called the picture “Summer is Over”

    Summer is over


  28. Dcan says:

    I’m really enjoying all the photography homework. This one was a challenge.


  29. oh shoot, where have I been? I knew I was missing out by being on Flickr more than my own blog. Great idea and I can’t wait to check out all the links about this. I found you on
    peace n abundance


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