View 316: Visiting Cowsheds Falls

Do you remember your first time visiting a natural wonder?  I am not talking about the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls but your first lake, river, mountain or waterfall? My family camped when I was young and I remember lots of those moments.  My parents would talk about such trips for weeks ahead of time.  It got me very excited for the destination.  Not so much the travel getting there.

Still, the first time I stood on the shore of Lake Ontario, looked out on the St. Lawrence River, breathed the fresh air of the Adirondack Mountains or saw the Atlantic Ocean are forever etched in my memory. Sharing those times with my parents mean even more to me now as they get close to their ninth decade of living.

This photo of Cowsheds Falls in Fillmore Glen State Park near Moravia, New York of a brother and sister seeing them for the first time got me reminiscing about the time when I first saw and was captivated by a waterfall.

Two siblings see Cowsheds Falls in Fillmore Glen State Park near Moravia, New York for the first time.

Two siblings see Cowsheds Falls in Fillmore Glen State Park near Moravia, New York for the first time.
Nikon D700/28-300VR, 1/200s, f/8, ISO 200, EV 0, 35mm focal length.

How about you? What natural “wonders” do you recall seeing for the first time?

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13 Responses to View 316: Visiting Cowsheds Falls

  1. mylifeincny says:

    Part of the Great Gully system of creeks runs behind my mom’s house and there was a 3′ waterfall within easy walking distance from our house. As a kid – I thought having my own personal waterfall was the most amazing thing!


  2. My favorite memory of a natural wonder was seeing all the waterfalls along the Norwegian fjords throughout Norway. Absolutely breathtaking. I would say my 2nd favorite is The Giant’s Causeway in Northern, Ireland. I very much want to see them both again someday and also take my future children.


  3. Karma says:

    A summery waterfall on a snow day – nice to see.
    My “wonders” remembered from childhood: rushing water on the Mohawk Trail in the Berkshire Mountain region of MA, the Quabbin Reservoir (from where most of MA gets its water) overflowing one year after a very wet winter and spring, and the first time I saw low tide at Hills Beach in Maine where I take my own family for vacation now.


  4. Waterfalls are magic and I imagine how these two children feel like. A lovely composition.
    My first memory of a natural wonder is probably the visit with my parents of the Ladies’ Caves in the South of France. Underground lakes and lots of stalactites, stalagmites like forests all around us. My sister and I were very impressed.


  5. Lifenormal says:

    Very cute. Nice shot. I’ve been silently lurking enjoying your photos.


  6. Gerry says:

    I remember so many bodies of water, from tiny swamp ponds to the great oceans, and all of them, taken together, are my great love – but the “first” that impressed itself most deeply on my little brain was the first glimpse of the Rocky Mountains ahead of us to the west as we crossed the Great Plains. Nothing in my life had prepared me for their gravity.

    I come from a long line of campers and treasure that heritage.


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