View 293: Sherman Falls

Sherman Falls near Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Sherman Falls near Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
Nikon D7100/Tokina 11-16mm, f/22, ISO 100, EV 0, 16mm (24mm DX), tripod, HDR Image.

Just returned from a quick trip up to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada where I meet up with a local photographer I connected with on Google+.  I was toured around the city known as the City of Waterfalls.  We visited eleven of the thirty-four waterfalls in and around the city of Hamilton.

I will post more about this adventure later in the week.  For now, enjoy this HDR image from a bracketed set of photos of Sherman Falls.  It is a 17 meter (56 foot) tall terraced ribbon waterfall feed by Ancaster Creek.

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11 Responses to View 293: Sherman Falls

  1. What a beautiful view.
    34 waterfalls in one location (large maybe) I know only a couple of waterfalls in Denmark – and the tallest is 20m. (65ft)


  2. HoaiPhai says:

    No kidding? 34 waterfalls? I’ve been living in the area for a decade and didn’t know that. I guess I know where I’ll be going next weekend. Thanks for the tip!

    Er, did your friend take you to any good Chinese or Indian restaurants while you were there by any chance?


  3. Beautiful work Scott, and Madison Indiana where I live has about that many as well spread across the county !!


    • Considering where Hamilton is, I was surprised to learn of the waterfalls. I am used to the hard granite of the Canadian Shield which does not erode to create waterfall gorges. I need to look into the geology which looked like the glens and gorges here in New York.


  4. Marcia Schwartz says:

    Wow…just awesome! Hamilton must be one beautiful city. Glad you and Merrie were able to visit and enjoy a weekend away. Miss you and love you!


  5. Toots says:

    You should go to Oregon & check out the great waterfalls along the Columbia River…….they are majestic & breathtaking! Don,t forget your cameras. Toots in WI.


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