Four Seasons Recap

I first posted the Four Seasons assignment on December 8, 2010.  One year and twenty days later, I am very pleased to say eight people took up the challenge with me and finished the year long study of the passage of the seasons.  I am even more pleased all of you who urged me to do this have all sent in submissions.  Your commitment is duly noted.

My fellow upstate New York blogger, Debbie of the My Life in CNY blog, was the first to post.  Interestingly enough, she was probably one of the last to hear about this assignment as we did not discover each other until January of this year.  Like me, she selected a waterfall near Ithaca, New York in the Robert H. Treman State Park.

From Switzerland, Isa from her isathreadsoflife blog used words, quotes and photos from a kitchen window to successfully convey a year’s length of time.  She writes in pictures and you almost do not need the photos but they add to the feeling of time passing slowly.

Karma of Karma’s When I Feel Like It Blog choose a couple of locations.  The title of the post, S.P.D. – Seasonal Photographic Disorder!, does give one a foreboding.  She had a bit of a lapse during the year.  No matter, she pulled it off brilliantly and humorously.

You know, I always picture Gerry of the Torch Lake Views blog as a bit of a rebel.  Someone who enjoys stirring the pot of things and people around her.  Always liked that attitude in a person. 🙂  She took my specific instructions and wiggled them around to her liking and came up with a diary of how the “seasons” whirled outside her porch or from the driveway.  In either case, those infernal stairs remained.  Yep, that works for me!

My choice of subject was the magnificent falls named before the Taughannock Falls State Park was created.  The Four Seasons of Taughannock Falls post features a collage of the falls from a specific location during the year and processed similarly. I need to learn how to wiggle don’t I, Gerry? 😉

Yesterday was the deadline for this assignment and all three of the Danish bloggers I follow chimed in with their assignments as if on queue.

Truels of Truels’ Blog shares with us a patch of quiet road in the countryside near his home.  The road has trees lining both sides and it just begs to traveled on to see where it will lead no matter the time of year.

I have marveled at the forest in Carsten’s home for years in his Just Another………Blog.  I was so pleased he choose a place he loved to go to.  While he tells us of the change over years of the forest location, he then shows us a change in the smaller allotment of a year’s time.

Birgitte, the rose of the Denmark trio and author of the My 2008 blog shows us a humble abode in her backyard.  It seems to have the same items inside each time except for winter.  Not quite sure what is happening there.  I shall inquire.

Patti had some trouble getting a set of photos.  After digging through her archives she discovered a very unique four seasons of the furry, four-footed kind.  Her other two almost sets aren’t bad either.

Time…we measure it in hours, minutes and seconds.  Most people do not take the time to notice the changes of the season until they are in the middle of each.  As photographers and bloggers, we tend to be more aware of such things.  These posts are a testament to our willingness to pause, record and report the wonder of time.  Thank you all for participating!

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9 Responses to Four Seasons Recap

  1. Giiid says:

    Thank you once again Scott, for spending time and energy making these assignments, and by that adding an extra dimension of blogging. You will get a reward one day. 🙂
    What you can see at the photos is in fact TWO humble abode´s; one is a little red barn, the other is the home of Ninus, the rabbit.


  2. Sybil says:

    Scott, so many more Blogs for me to follow. These are all quite lovely. I MUST pick a location and get snapping in prep for next year`s challenge …

    Happy New Year !

    Sybil in Nova Scotia


  3. Karma says:

    Thanks again Scott for hosting this assignment. It has inspired me to try a different location for next year – maybe I’ll be over my S.P.D. by then! 😉


  4. Gerry says:

    OK, I just added a couple more resolutions to the list.

    Just . . . once . . . try . . . following . . . directions . . . exactly.
    Buy . . . new . . . stirring-pot.

    Thank you for making a bloggers party. It’s always fun.


  5. pattibrehler says:

    Nicely recapped, Scott! And thanks for the “assignment.” (What’s next?)


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