13 Responses to Working with Big Events in Aperture 3

  1. Kat says:

    WOW..it sounds like you have all of your processing down to an art. Thanks for the info. on how you do it all, it will come in hand sometime when I am trying to get more organized.


  2. tedgriffith says:

    Thanks for the walk through of your workflow! I need to get more consistent with mine.


  3. kiwidutch says:

    I too take a zillion photos and am trying to find a good method of weeding though them.
    What I do… create a “global” folder and then make folders within those and folder within each set of those as well…
    So: ” Netherlands” is one of the global folder – with 22 sub folders inside, one of which is “The Hague” – within that ,another 18 folders for various regions or things specific to the city, one of those is “Centre” (of The Hague) – which in turn contains 48 folders of specific places, buildings things of interest etc
    I concentrate on weeding though the folders at the end of the line and quickly delete many of the pics that are not ok (out of focus etc) label the ones that are ok and then fine tune what’s left to make photos suitable for posting and photos are not (ie photos of my kids) these then get transfered into a seperate “kid “folder that I have ordered by year and month.
    Celar as mud? It does at least give me an overview of the topics I photograph and roughly where I can find (most) things.


    • There is no right or wrong answer here, KiwiDutch. I let Aperture manage my library and use projects, folders, albums and keywords within Aperture to organize the entire library. That way I keep the actual number of folders on the hard drive to a minimum.

      Have you ever looked at using Lightroom (or Aperture if you are a Mac user)? .You should give the free trial a whirl.


  4. Scott O. says:

    Scott, have you ever tried Auto-loader from Mike D.? What a wonderful time saver it is. I shot almost 1000 photos from a 5th grade end of the school year party for a client. I use pretty mush the same workflow as you do as far as rating and such. After I had finished my LR workflow, I would take the photos 1 by 1 to Photoshop to run a finishing action on them. That was time consuming to say the least.

    then I learned of Auto-loader. I set up my starting action and ending action, placed all of the photos I needed to run those action on and ran Auto-loader. It opens the photos 1 at a time, run the actions and saves them to a separate folder. I actually ran through 997 photos in less than an hour, and all I had to do was push the F5 key once for each of them. Very cool time saver in my opinion!


    Scott O’Neal
    Bald Is Beautiful Photography


  5. Kristi says:

    That’s great to read your workflow……I find it interesting to read how others do their workflow and see if I learn anything from their process. I am getting a new computer hopefully, this fall. I see you are using Aperture 3 instead of LR.


    • Yes, I tried both Aperture and Lightroom out and found I like Aperture’s interface and way of working more to my liking. Both are excellent products which have made handling large digital photography projects and libraries so much easier. I do not know what I would do without it.


  6. Lori Campoli says:

    Thanks, I use Aperture and am still working on my workflow. Lots of good hints here!


  7. Nye says:

    Thanks Scott for the great tips. I don’t have a very good system and this method will work great for me.


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