View 74: Oswego Sunset

Sunset on Lake Ontario from Breitbeck Park, Oswego, New York.

Sunset on Lake Ontario from Breitbeck Park, Oswego, New York.

Another Memorial Day weekend here in the United States and, like last year, I am featuring a sunset from Lake Ontario. This time from Oswego, New York, which is famous for its sunsets. This photo was taken from Breitbeck Park along the newly expanded Oswego Harbor Trail. The evening was unusually calm.

Sailboat anchored behind the Oswego Harbor breakwall for the night as the sun sets.

Sailboat anchored behind the Oswego Harbor breakwall for the night as the sun sets.

After the sun had gone under the horizon, I took out my tripod and took this photo of the large power plant whose stacks dominate the Oswego city skyline.

Power plant in Oswego, New York, on Lake Ontario

Power plant in Oswego, New York, on Lake Ontario at dusk.

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28 Responses to View 74: Oswego Sunset

  1. Carsten says:

    WOW, What a sunset!
    Excellent lightning. -Do you enhance the dynamic range using multiple exposures?
    Anyway, its amazing. As is the perfect reflections of the power plant.


    • These are all single shots. I used manual exposure mode and metered the sky away from the sun to get the correct exposure. The power plant photo is a long exposure of around 15 seconds which brought up the ambient light.


  2. Gerry says:

    Oh Scott these are gorgeous. The eerie beauty of heavy industry–power plants, abandoned steel mills, Ford’s Rouge Plant–astonishes me every time. There’s another side, of course. There always is. But then, Mama Nature can do ugly, too. I really like what you’ve done here.


    • Thanks, Gerry. Looks like Babs and I both captured a beautiful sunset over the weekend. I’ve seen those plants in Michigan (when I visited the Ford Museum last year), impressive. This year I saw many auto plants closed that were open just 6 months prior. Very sad.


  3. giiid says:

    Lovely!!All of them.


  4. That first one is absolutely gorgeous!


  5. Anna Surface says:

    All are beautiful, each distinctive in sunset & twilight colors and feel. I really like the power plant shot. 🙂


  6. imac says:

    Cant beat photos of the ever changing sky Scott, brill work.


  7. sorrentolens says:

    Scott — great photo – NY never looked so good. We used to live in Watertown (my wife is from there). Keep klickin’! Good luck.


  8. Jeff Lynch says:

    Great shots. What power plant is that? Believe it or not I used to live near Oswego way back in the 60’s.



  9. Laurie says:

    Beautiful series of photos. It looks like a wonderful place.


  10. mitchman3 says:

    Man, nothing I enjoy more than an Oswego sunset picture, and then you gave three! Love ’em!


  11. Sire says:

    Man, I love sunsets, they are so varied. I especially liked the first one. Lucky for me Mitch put me onto this blog.


  12. Julie McLeod says:

    Wow! I am really impressed with your ability to capture these skies so well. Lovely!

    I was in Oswego during the winter last year for a hockey tournament but alas, not much time for photos. We may have to venture down again during the summer and make more time for exploration and photos.


    • I am amazed at the midwest and western photographers who capture big skies on a daily basis it seems. Lake Ontario gives me an opportunity to capture some of those big skys, too.

      If you can, Oswego in the summer has a lot to offer and you can’t beat Nature’s sunsets to cap off the days.


  13. Breath taking. Great sunsets. Love the clear smooth glassy water.


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