YourPhotoTips features Amazing Photographers

I’d like to extend a hearty thanks to the YourPhotoTips blog for including me in their 20 Amazing Photographers Around the Internet post yesterday. Damien’s blog is a great source for finding the best photography and photographers around the blogosphere.

The other photographers featured in the article definitely are artists you want to check out.  I feel honored to be featured next to them.

If you are wondering about the photo they used for my blog, it is View 30: Foggy Bottom Metro Station and has an interesting story behind it.

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9 Responses to YourPhotoTips features Amazing Photographers

  1. Gerry says:

    Foggy Bottom is a great image, Scott. Congratulations.


  2. Carsten says:

    Congratulations Scott.
    Your blog is very inspiring, not least your photos.
    The woman and the metro is a good example of what Tiger Woods said: “The more I practise, the more luck I get.” (As I remember it)


    • Carsten, as they say practice makes perfect. Tiger has a point, I have really gotten to know my camera over the last year so I am not searching for a button or moving a dial in the wrong direction.

      So, along with practice, I encourage everyone to read those manuals. These digital cameras hold a wealth of power most people don’t take the time to tap.


  3. burstmode says:

    It’s well deserved recognition. I’ve learned from you.


    • Thank you, BM. What a nice complement and I’d like to return it by saying I’ve learned from you. In fact, what’s really made learning and doing photography more fun for me is sharing what I do and seeing others. Photoblogs, specifically, and the Internet, generally, really have helped digital photography explode over the last three years.


  4. Anna Surface says:

    Congratulations Scott, how wonderful for you! I enjoyed seeing your excellent photo ‘Foggy Bottom Metro Station’ and the other artists/photographer’s work displayed. Gets my photographic creativity going. I feel that photography has truly turned into an art perspective all its own in the digital age. As you said, the Internet has helped digital photography to explode. Way to go, Scott, and cheers! 🙂


  5. rvewong says:

    Good going, I always knew that was a good photo.


  6. Sorry I didn’t discover this well deserved accolade earlier. It pleases me to know that your talent has been recognized. Now more people can enjoy your excellent photography. I can’t begin to tell you what an influence you have been on my photographic journey. I will always be grateful.


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