View 27: Summer Joy!

Summer Joy found at Brennan's Beach, Pulaski, New York.

School's Out for Summer

On a beach on the eastern shore of Lake Ontario, these girls were jumping in celebration of the unoffical start of summer over the Memorial Day (US) weekend in May, 2008. One of the girls mother was trying to capture this with a small Point & Shot type of camera and wasn’t having too much luck. This was the sixth and last attempt which I did get as I had gotten in behind to see if I could do better with my Nikon D70. I think I did alright.

On a personal note, because of some issues this past week, I was not able to get out and get some photos for the blog.

This photo is available for download for use in electronic and print media or as a print via

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8 Responses to View 27: Summer Joy!

  1. JulieM says:

    What a great shot! Hope you are able to get it to the mom in case her shots didn’t come out…


  2. Paula Quick says:

    This photo is incredible. Oh my goodness! What a great shot! School’s out — for the summer!


  3. stphoto says:

    LOL Paula, I might change the title…I like yours better.

    Julie, I gave one of the girls my email address but haven’t heard from any of them. I’m thinking I might start carrying business cards with me to hand out to people if they let me take their photo.


  4. Renee says:

    terrific moment captured!


  5. whatsupwiththejoneses says:

    That’s a fantastic shot! It makes me smile.
    Six times and they’re still getting that height to their jumps!? They’re in better shape than I… 🙂


  6. Taf says:

    I grew up in Pulaski New York, I have since recently relocated myself back here in the heart of winter (what was I thinking) anyway, this photo is awesome! It takes me back in a “flash” per say…..thank you….everyone should experience “Pulaski” New York once in there lifetime! Thank you again, Merry Christmas 2009!


  7. Karma says:

    Hey I remember this picture! I remember thinking how cool it was. Did you submit it to another site at some point where I may have seen it? Or perhaps I hadn’t “unlurked” and started commenting yet!


  8. truels says:

    Thank you Scott for showing me this summer & joy picture. That is what we need in the coming weeks:-). It is funny with these “jump”-pictures: My daughter travelled in Latin America last year, and she and her friends took a lot of those “jump-shots” of each other – on mountain peaks,in front of sunsets and other sights. Pictures I have never even imagined shooting myself!!


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