View 28: 4th of July

4th of July Fireworks

Fourth of July Fireworks over the Seneca River in Baldwinsville, NY

A bit cliche this week as America celebrated the July 4th holiday. My village of Baldwinsville had a fireworks show which I attended and got lots of colorful explosions. I concentrated on getting multiple blasts and got some interesting effects. This one is combination of three such blasts.

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4 Responses to View 28: 4th of July

  1. JulieM says:

    I’ve seen lots of fireworks images this last week between Canada Day and Independence Day, but this is quite unique. I like the way the burst of small clusters is captured right behind the multi-colored single burst. Really a great composition and perfectly exposed for clarity and maximum impact.


  2. stphoto says:

    Thank you, Julie! Even though the show wasn’t spectacular, by getting multiple bursts, like this, I got some interesting compositions.


  3. morningjoy says:

    Beautiful! Although I attended a 4th of July neightborhood parade, I missed the fireworks show due to rain. Thanks for letting me see this outstanding photo.


  4. stphoto says:

    You’re welcome, Joy! Catching up after a long vacation so I’m a bit late in replying.


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