View 29: National Mall, Washington, DC

The National Mall at Sunset

The National Mall at Dusk

I took a traditional driving vacation a couple of weeks ago. The first stop was Washington, DC where I was fortunate enough to witness a beautiful sunset over the National Mall. This photo was taken about 30 minutes after sunset.

Editor’s Note: I know I’m a bit behind. I had a LOT of photos to process after returning from vacation and some projects which needed my attention. I’ll make up for it over the next week so I’ll get back on my weekly schedule.

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11 Responses to View 29: National Mall, Washington, DC

  1. giiid says:

    How wonderfull colors. It must have been fantastic to see it.


  2. rvewong says:

    Well done Steve, I’ve never seen it that it like that before.


  3. stphoto says:

    It was a great show. I was so lucky to not only see it but able to capture it with my camera.

    It pays to be in the right place at the right time!



  4. Chalkhills Collective says:

    Stunning shot. Keep going, it’s worth it, even through the inspirational downtimes!


  5. Mitch says:

    You nailed this one! Great shot, at a great time; just perfect.


  6. stphoto says:

    Thank, Mitch!! I know you like sunsets.


  7. Rico says:

    I like the colors. Very nice sir!


  8. Pat Henry says:


    Really nice shot, very crisp…

    keep it up!
    Pat Henry (from Oswego bowling)


  9. stphoto says:

    Hi, Pat! Nice of you to stop by. Got a link to share?

    Thanks for the comment. I always try to keep it up. 😉



  10. Pat Henry says:

    and my blog, for my family stuff is…

    email is

    you have some really nice stuff, love the fair photo…


  11. stphoto says:

    Thanks, Pat! Great hockey shot on your website. What did you use to capture it?


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