26 Views…Half Way There!

26 Views Collage

It doesn’t look like much when put all together, does it? For those of you counting, there is more than 26 photos as on 3 occasions I featured 2 photos in a view. The photos are in order from View 1 to View 26. I am still amazed at those who are doing a photo-a-day blog as it was hard sometimes to come up with ideas and photos once a week. I hope you have enjoyed the weekly posts nether the less.

Along the way I’ve done a couple of Photo Essays which have gotten very good feedback. I’ll be putting together more as the year progresses.

I’ve recently added an RSS Feed to the blog per a guest’s request. Got off on the wrong foot with it but it’s working now. You can see it under the Search box on the right-hand sidebar.

This week I am opening the 52 Views of 2008 Print Shop where you can purchase prints and other photo gift items. I haven’t added all the featured photos and none of the smaller photos so, if you don’t see what you are looking for, send me an email or comment and I can add it for you.

I have enjoyed conversing with those who have left comments and seeing what other very talented fellow bloggers are doing. The Internet is still a very new technology in the grand scheme of Man’s history on Earth. The best is yet to come.

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7 Responses to 26 Views…Half Way There!

  1. masha says:

    i take pictures almost every day. i have my nifty little canon G9 on me at all times. when i used a film camera, i couldn’t wait to get the film back – one roll a day! you get used to it. it’s weird when i don’t take any photos. nice set of 26 up there!


  2. Barrie says:

    Congratulations Scott! Half way through is a commendable benchmark – great work. Glad you got the RSS working! I’m subscribing now so I won’t miss any of your posts.


  3. JulieM says:

    Nice way to mark the half-way point. The RSS feed works beautifully now. Thanks!


  4. Rich says:

    Great job Scott! You take wonderful pictures, keep up the great work!


  5. stphoto says:

    Thanks, everyone! I got some very interesting places I’ll be visiting over the next couple of months. Stay tuned!


  6. Chris H. says:

    Thanks for dropping by my site this morning and for your nice comments. Congratulations on your milestone and for the beautiful images you’ve accumulated. Good luck with the next 26!


  7. giiid says:

    This is a good idea, collecting the photos from the first half WordPress year. I am going to do the same in a few days. Thank you for your comments at my blog, today we are surprisingly sending comments at the same time, I can see at my stats. If you have any problem with finding motives, it tells me that you are thinking too much about motives. I surgest that you shoot first, and think afterwards 🙂 Good luck with the next half year.


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