View 261: A Christmas Cat Story

Hello…my name is Gus and I am the pet cat of the Thomas family.  I know when it is Christmas time when the Guy Who Feeds Me and the Woman Who Pets Me start putting up new toys for me to play with.  Lights to bat, hanging stockings to pull on and, this year, they added a new Water Dish for me with a big tree in the middle of it.

Gus's Christmas

The day of Christmas is a fun day for me. After a Big Guy in a Red Suit appears, there are colored boxes under my water dish tree for me to investigate.  My favorites are the ones with bows which I know are there for me to play with.  The Big Guy in a Red Suit would not forget me.

One of the stockings is full of new things the Woman Who Pets Me and the Guy Who Feeds Me enjoy wrapping and then unwrapping for me.  Yummy Things My Tummy Likes, Lights For Me to Chase and, my favorite, Little Pillows With Heavenly Smells.  I just go crazy on those.  Pawing, chewing and rubbing them.

All this time the Man Who Feeds Me makes funny noises at me with a Big Black Thing in front of his face which has a Blinding Light Box.  He seems happy that I look at him.  I know this because when the bright light happens, he looks down at the Big Black Thing and makes Happy Sounds.  Which are much different than his Unhappy Sounds.

Christmas time does not last long and soon all the toys will be put away again.  I sure hope they keep the new Water Dish with the tree out for me.  Much more fun than the boring Silver Water Dish out in the Place My Food Appears.

The Man Who Feeds Me is coming back so I will leave you now.  Hope your Christmas was Purrr-fect.

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9 Responses to View 261: A Christmas Cat Story

  1. That is awesome Scott! Gus’ point of view of Christmas was a great start to the day. Enjoy the remainder of the holidays and have a happy new year!


  2. norasongbird says:

    Thank you for this! As someone who is owned by three cats, Gus’ ruminations have a very familiar sound. Happy New Year! 🙂


  3. Karma says:

    Oh my goodness what an adorable cat and adorable post! I’m quite sure that the cat of this house has very similar thoughts! Gus is a beauty – I think he should make guest appearances here on the blog more often! Thanks again for a fun year of photo assignments, and here’s hoping 2013 is a good year for us all!


  4. milkayphoto says:

    LOL!!! As a cat owner, I LOVE this!! (Hubby is also “the one who feeds me”… he is also dubbed “the one who picks up my poop”. 🙂 )

    During Christmas, Cleo looks at us like we have lost our minds. She couldn’t care LESS about the (real) tree, the lights and all the decorations. I guess we are very lucky in that manner since I’ve heard horror stories of cats destroying trees and gifts!

    Thank you for the smile and laugh this morning! A very Happy 2013 to you and your family! Gus, too! 🙂


  5. Dawn says:

    Gus has catitude to spare. Happy New Year.


  6. dawnkinster says:

    He almost doesn’t look real, he’s so beautiful. But don’t tell him that, as I’m sure he’s already full of himself. Happy New Year!


  7. Funny Scott I know many a cat owner who are actually owned themselves, hope your Holidays were great !!


  8. Robin says:

    Well done, Gus! I mean, Scott. 🙂


  9. Gerry says:

    Very nice to meet you, Gus. I admire your style, not to mention your lovely coat. Tell your people Merry Christmas from Miss Sadie, the Cowboy, and me — Gerry


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