Goals for 2013

I was very much unconcerned about my goals for 2012.  I had not reviewed them at all during the year.  Upon seeing them, I know why.  They were not goals at all.  They were statements of what I wanted to do.  I had not stated how I would do them, no way to gauge progress and no deadline as to when I wanted to accomplish them by.  It is no wonder at times I felt lost last year.  Thankfully, the blog itself pushes me forward and visiting all of your blogs inspires me.  This year I will do better. 😀

1. Create a Sports Poster.  This was the main idea behind getting PhotoShop CS6 last year.  Doing this project I will learn a lot of good PhotoShop skills and techniques AND allow me to create unique photo products for my sports clients and customers. I am sure such skills will come in handy in my other photographic endeavors, too. With the help of people I know to be PhotoShop experts, I have identified the following I need to learn: Camera RAW, Selection, Layers, Masks and Blend Modes. I want to create my first Sports Poster by February, 28, 2013.

2. Purchase a Second dSLR Camera. Buying goals are easy, right? Not so fast, my friends. The camera I had targeted might not do what I need.  I want my second camera to have a cropped sensor or DX in Nikon speak.  I missed having the extra 1.5x reach with my longer lenses for sports and wildlife subjects.  Yet, I do not want to give up the excellent ISO performance of my current camera, the Nikon D700. There are loads of Internet rumors about Nikon bringing out a new DX camera in one of the big trade shows this year. Maybe as soon as next week or next month.  I will make my decision by June 30, 2013.

3. Produce an eBook. This is a hold over from last year which I kept finding ways to push onto the back burner. This will be a summer 2013 project with the following tasks to be done: Learn Apple iBooks Author, review my blog for good ebook subjects, outline the ebook, write the ebook and publish the ebook by August 31, 2013.

4. Have an Adventure. This one I have been planning already.  For the first time my wife and I will be taking a three week vacation from mid-September to early October which coincides with our 30th Wedding Anniversary.  We do not have all the details yet. I can tell you it will start at Disneyland in Anaheim, California and end in Denver, Colorado.

5. Read a Photography (e)Book every other month in 2013. I have a pile of books and a folder of ebooks relating to photography I have not read. I will read and review on the blog the book starting in February.  In other words, the months in between the photo assignments.

6. Edit and Process Backlog of Disney Park Photos. I have some going back to 2011.  I need to do this so I have more to write on the All Ears blog and here. 🙂  Not to mention the relief I will feel when it is done by May 15th, 2013.

To help me in keeping these goals, I will use apps on my iPhone and on the Internet to make sure I do not forget them. I will be reviewing them every month, too.  Oh, and speaking of photo assignments, I will be posting the first one for 2013 next week.

My Annual Pledge to You

Here is something from my post from January 1st, 2009 that won’t change:

  • I will continue to add relevant links to my postings to encourage further research for those so inclined. It is something I like to do when visiting blogs and websites.
  • I will continue to visit other blogs and flickr photostreams and leave comments I hope are encouraging and helpful to the blog authors and photographers.
  • I do not mind people using my photos on their blogs or websites. All I ask is for you to give credit and a link back to this blog. If you want to use any of my photos for commercial purposes, please, contact me.
  • I will do bi-monthly photo assignments to challenge those who participate.

Here’s to a great 2013! Do you have any goals this year? Photography related or otherwise?

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9 Responses to Goals for 2013

  1. Dawn says:

    Thank you for your encouraging words in 2012. You do have a motivating effect on this reader. It is appreciated.


  2. I am so with you on #5. I made a resolution not to buy another ebook until I have read all the ones I have!


  3. I look forward to enjoying more of your work. Thank you for sharing your time with us and being such a great inspiration. I wish you and your family the best that life can offer in 2013!


  4. Karma says:

    I enjoy very much all the interesting a varied information you publish here on your blog Scott. Good luck with your goals! I am not feeling confident enough for goal setting for myself for 2013 and photography and the blog – I have the feeling 2013 is going to be an eventful year for various reasons.


  5. Barbara says:

    Good luck Scott! Keep us up to date with your projects!


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