View 66: Skateboarder

The first warm weekend day of Spring for this year brought out the walkers to the Onondaga Lake Park in Liverpool, New York. Joining them were rollerbladers, bikers and skateboarders.

Skateboarder on the activity path in Onondaga Lake Park.

Skateboarder on the activity path in Onondaga Lake Park.

Panning is a fun photographic technique to learn and use. Gives a WOW factor to a photo. Click here for an article I wrote about the Art of Panning.

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16 Responses to View 66: Skateboarder

  1. Barrie says:

    Nice job Scott! It was you who got me interested in panning. I’ve been practicing. Here are a couple of my latest shots.


  2. montucky says:

    You must have some warm weather if he’s got his shirt off!


  3. Laurie says:

    Nice work on this.

    Panning is not something I have mastered. I have only tried it once though lol. I got a sharp focus on the subject but the subject was not where I wanted it in the frame.


  4. giiid says:

    Great panning, Scott. Speed and calm movements at the same time. I´m sure the scateboarder would be proud to have this hanging at his wall as a poster.


  5. Lillie says:

    Nice shot! I’m still practicing. Your article was a great help. – Thanks!


  6. yesbuts says:

    This is a really great shot, it just shouts movement, speed, pleasure and joy. While at the same time capturing in detail the boarders features.


  7. mrgrosky says:

    Super image, Scott. I clicked on the link, and I read your article. Then I ran it off (since I’m sure to forget those suggested shutter speeds). Great photo, great article. I’ve never tried panning before as it looks tough, but your article makes me want to try. It will be a goal for this month. Thanks, Mitch


  8. Buckeroomama says:

    Talk about the wow factor… wow! I love your photos, but I particular like this one.


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