Proud Grandmother

The President’s Cup is the National Senior level box lacrosse championship for the Canadian Lacrosse Association and is given out annually.  In 2010, the Onondaga Redhawks Senior “B” box lacrosse team as a member of the Can-Am Box Lacrosse league took home the gold and received their championship rings last weekend.

Proud grandmother surrounded by her champion sons at the Onondaga Nation Arena near Nedrow, New York.

Onondaga Redhawks 2010 President’s Cup champions Ryan Lewis, Dustin Hill, Murray Stout, Brett Bucktooth & David Stout stand behind their proud grandmother, Josephine Lewis, wearing her grandson’s rings on her hand at the Onondaga Nation Arena near Nedrow, New York.
Nikon D700/70-200VR, 1/200s, f/2.8, ISO 3600, EV +1.0, 70mm focal length.

Meet grandmother, Josephine Lewis, who is full of pride as she models her grandson’s President’s Cup box lacrosse championship rings.  One for each of her hand’s fingers.

This is my first submission to Karma’s June Photo Hunt.  You still have time to join the hunt!

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4 Responses to Proud Grandmother

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  2. Gerry says:

    How did I miss this? It’s a wonderful photo, and I love the story. What a fine thing it must be to have all those grandsons–and how happy they look to be sharing their big day with their grandma.


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