FX Unmasked

Last month I introduced an app called FX Photo Studio for Macs and iPhones.  Since then MacPhunn has added masking which allows you to add or erase effect filters.  Here’s an example using the Moon photo I showed you last spring.

Moon with 3-D Effect and no masking.

Moon with 3-D Effect and no masking.

While this is neat.  I really want to see the moon details better.  I selected to add instead the effect in the space surrounding our planet’s satellite.  It works like brushes in a photo editing program like Aperture 3 or PhotoShop.  You can alter the brush manually for size, softness and opacity or use one of the presets.  It was easy to paint the effect in with a large brush and then use smaller ones to trim around the moon’s edges.  I had to switch from paint to erase to do the final cleanup.

Here is the result.

The moon unmasked from the 3-D Effect.

The moon unmasked from the 3-D Effect.

Looks like something out of Star Trek, doesn’t it?

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7 Responses to FX Unmasked

  1. Kind of neat. Course now it’s not fully round anymore at the bottom left, so it’s gonna wobble. lol


  2. Anna says:

    Oh how neat! I really like the effect! And I do like effect artsy stuff like this. 🙂


  3. Karma says:

    That moon really jumps off the page here! Funky/groovy/cool! (and I was only alive for the last year of the 60’s, LOL)


  4. This is so beautiful and artistic !


  5. firasz says:

    What a fantasy moon! Superb effects!


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