Assignment 10: Recap

We conclude another year of assignments here at Views Infinitum.  We all pushed ourselves this year and I have seen a lot of improvement in everyone’s photography.  When I give out an assignment like this one, formally called Assignment 10: Autumn 2010, were you are given a topic without any kind of direction from me, I look to see what kind of creative photography you all come up with.  I was not disappointed in any of your efforts.

I was very pleased as I visited each of your blogs and links to see others who may or may not have participated looking and commenting.  That is the other reason for these assignments, to get people to see and talk about each others photography.

I have 19 submissions and 16 photographers to talk about so, as the popular Miller Lite beer commercials would exclaim, Here we go!

Nye posted her assignment submission first. She is a true American having migrated to the United States with her family at a young age.  She enriches us with her blog and photography with her mix of old and new world charms and vision.  Please visit Nye’s The Colors of Autumn.

Barb, a new comer,  shares with us two submissions from her Live and Learn blog: Look Carefully and Back to Fall – Denver which show a mix of autumn color, detail, and the creatures and flora who live with Barb in the mountainous state of Colorado.

Gerry, the photojournalist who keeps the citizens of Torch Lake, Michigan and us informed of local news, happenings, history and maybe even a little gossip from the local store.  Her contribution is called Storing up nuts against the Dreadful Dismals.  It is not as bad as the title suggests.  With the help of her Torch Lake Views contributors, Gerry took on the task of finding color and beauty in the late autumn and succeeded wonderfully.

Michaela was hard pressed to find what she was looking for when it came to autumn.  Living in arid Texas, fall colors are not too abundant.  Amazingly she found it right in her home’s front yard. Then proceeded to bowl us all over with special bokeh in her I *Heart* Fall blog article.

Birgitte, one of a triad of Denmark photobloggers, first gave us one of her astonishing photo collages in Autumn 2010, followed by Autumn in My Area.  The first shows a whirl of colors masterfully presented in a single collage with the latter a series of scenes where Birgitte lives as colorful autumn turns to golds and browns.

Dalia shows us leaves bursting with color, details, light and shadow in her Life’s a Blog post called Leaves. I want to note I have kidded people about this tree (hi, Michaela!) but it really is beautiful. 🙂

Karma (some call her Karen) found a fun way to present her autumn photos by coming up with a theme…A Rainbow of Autumn.  She added a complimentary music video to cap it all off.

I have been enjoying Isa’s photo essays all year and her one for Autumn was superb.  I am going to have to find me some roasted chestnuts this holiday season.

Dawn presented her view of autumn like it was a dream…Photo assignment: Autumn.

The golden color of Early Autumn is contrasted by the frosty Late Autumn blogs from Truels whose compositions get better and better all the time.

Carsten brings us color, reflections and views of forests I am still hoping to get close to someday in this slide show presentation called Autumn 2010.

Jennifer got some help from a nearby New York location (had to put that in, Jen!) in bringing us her Photo Challenge – Autumn 2010 photos.  Not bad for a point and shooter!

Now for a first for my photo assignments.  Michaela’s two daughters submitted their take on autumn.  First, Sara collected some colorful leaves and Mel tried her hand at heart bokeh.  Well done you two!

I chimed in with my hodgepodge post about my travels through time and space this fall in my Autumn Highlights blog post.

Lastly, which is becoming something of a tradition (I think it’s the West coast laid back lifestyle), Deanna brings us four very creative looks at her Autumn 2010.

I have already set up next year’s assignment schedule so enjoy the holidays and we will all meet back here in January.  Some of you have expressed interest in a long term assignment for 2011.  I have thought about it and will be back next week to give details.

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16 Responses to Assignment 10: Recap

  1. Carsten says:

    Thanks for the recap Scott.
    I shall be glad to accompany you on a photo safari in ‘my’ local forest.


  2. Giiid says:

    Thank you Scott, I appreciate your assignments and the inspiring atmosphere they are creating among all participants. 🙂


  3. Thank you for your comments on all assignments, Scott. Always interesting to read. BTW, I do hope you will find yourself some roasted chestnuts soon. They are sold in the streets right now and they warm your hands beside bringing a delicious taste of the holiday season.


    • There is a place which celebrates the season with characters from Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol which might have some roasted chestnuts available.

      This assignments comments were more like introductions. I’ll get back to my critical ones next year.


  4. What a great turnout for this challenge, Scott! It was fun to participate, too.
    (Although I don’t remember you kidding me about that tree in Dalia’s post? Well, you know what they say about getting old…. )


  5. truels says:

    Thank you, Scott for the recap – for your work making these assignments giving so many of us new challenge and inspiration – and for your kind comment to my autumn posts.


  6. Karma says:

    Thanks, as always, for the great photography inspiration and helpful tips! Looking forward to 2011’s assignments.


  7. Gerry says:

    It has been a revelation to visit autumn all over the world. Thanks, Scott! And, um, I’m glad TLV wasn’t as bad as it sounded . . . 🙂


    • 😀 It never is even when you show the raw side of living in a rural area. It is life and you show us both the now and past of it through your wonderful blog.

      It never stops to amaze me how connected we are. Now, if only, that connection would grow more mutual trust in the world. I believe it will in time.


  8. Nye says:

    Thanks Scott, I’ve learned so much this year and looking forward to next year’s assignment. 🙂


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