People on Parade

I ask you, is there anything more American than a small town parade?

Hey, look!  Im in a parade!

Hey, look! I'm in a parade!

Red, white and blue all over and kids finding a way to last a long parade route.

Red, white and blue wagon.

Red, white and blue wagon.

American built push carts powered by Cub Scouts.

High fuel costs? No problem!

High fuel costs? No problem!

There’s one in every parade.

Too cute not to photograph.

Too cute not to photograph.

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7 Responses to People on Parade

  1. Gerry says:

    Oh dear, memories of my mother flooding back . . . she just loved creating costumes and floats for the Rhinelander parades. One year I was Daisy Mae, another year my baby sister and I were Tom and Jerry (the cartoon cat and mouse).

    These are wonderful pictures. It seems some things never change!


  2. giiid says:

    Wonderful clear photos, you even made the weather clear and the sky so very blue. Parades are not a Danish tradition, so from this part of the world, your photos are absolutely saying America.


  3. rvewong says:

    Like that individual flair of the floats you choose to show.


  4. These photos are delightful. I long for small town Americana. My favorite photo is of the two girls in a star spangled wagon with the basset hound hanging out of the Repo truck window being a close second. You have given us wonderful examples of street photography. Thank you!


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