An Adirondack Breakfast

I’ve posted this little photo essay on a few photography forums today but thought I’d share it here, too. — Scott

Enjoyed a late breakfast at the Tamarack Inn in Lake George on my trip. Decorated as a rustic hunting lodge both inside and out (hey, any place that uses moose antlers wins me over). The ambiance is very woods-y. The food, hearty and filling with a nice touch of grease and fat.

The Tamarack Inn

Notice the light fixture. 😀

The Woodsman’s Breakfast

Doesn’t everyone have a canoe decoration hanging from their celing?

Can’t get more rustic than this, my friends.

The last photo was taken hand-held at 1/4th of a second using a

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7 Responses to An Adirondack Breakfast

  1. rvewong says:

    Now why can’t I find a place like this in Canada, almost worth driving east to sample that ambiance.


  2. giiid says:

    It looks very cosy!


  3. sorrentolens says:

    Great photos Scott!

    Ya’ll ain’t gonna believe this sh*t, but the closest thing we got to that nice lookin eatery is Cracker Barrel on the side of I-4 in Altamonte Springs, FL.

    Keep the photos coming – I really look forward to them.


  4. stphoto says:

    Cracker Barrel is okay. They got it down to a corporate identity. This place felt more real and I doubt CB would allow authentic cooking like this, grease and all. 🙂

    Bob, I can’t believe you don’t have a place like this close by. At least, towards Algonquin or north of you. I think you should find one and report back so I have another place to check out like this. 😀


  5. visuallens says:

    Great photo eassy of taking breakfirst at The Tamarack Inn. Your site has lots of useful info and tips on how to take good photographs. Hope you don’t mind I blogroll your site.


  6. stphoto says:

    Not at all Chris…I’ll be happy to do the same.


  7. Breakfast? That would keep me going all day!


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