View 386: Mustang Halloween

I mentioned I got a new car over the summer. Specifically a 2017 Grabber Blue Ford Ecoboost Mustang. I am taking part in an Ecoboost Mustang calendar project and volunteered to do the month of October. Halloween was the obvious choice for a theme and what better place to go than an old cemetery.


2017 Grabber Blue Ford Ecoboost Mustang photographed outside the Mortuary Chapel and Receiving Vault in Oakwood Cemetery in Syracuse, New York.
Nikon D750/16-35VR, 8s, f/16, ISO 100, EV 0, 16mm Focal Length, Tripod, Macphun Intensify CK.

The Oakwood Cemetery just south of Syracuse, New York contains many old crypts and interesting stone buildings. The Mortuary Chapel & Receiving Vault was built back in 1879 and was constructed in a gothic style using nearby Onondaga limestone.

I found the chapel to be the perfect Halloween background for the Mustang. The Sun was just abut to set and lighting was low. Using a tripod, long exposure and a small aperture, I was able to capture all the detail of the scene and create star bursts from the car’s lights. Macphun’s Intensify CK Soft HDR filter gave the image a suitable mood.

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween everyone!

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