Assignment 27 Recap

Vacation is defined as a period of time that a person or persons spend away from home, school, or business usually in order to relax or travel. I guess the dictionary never heard of a Stay-cation.  Nor did any of the participants to this assignment on Vacation as we travel the globe with them.

First we are off to the seashore at Cape Cod, Massachusetts with Debbie from My Life in CNY as she shows us a non-photography vacation.  Well, almost. I relate to the need to balance your travel companions vision of vacation with those of my photography oriented one.  Debbie shows it can be done beautifully.

Next we return to Hills Beach in Maine, a familiar place for those who follow Karma’s When I Feel Like It Blog, in which she turns the tables and gives us a musical quiz along with her photographs. Still waiting for those answers, Karma!

I sure was surprised to find I was the third one to share this time. I talked about how I vacation with examples from the Nevada portion of my recent vacation to the western United States.

Now it is time to Take a break, relax & chillax with sonali on a whimsical journey in India. Very interesting amusement park, too.

I have always had a hankering to vacation in Greece and thanks to Birgitte at My 2008 Blog I really want to go now! The blue Mediterranean water, boats, beaches and a goat, can not beat it.

Carsten shares his Travelog from his trip to Berlin, Germany.  I hope he submits them to some travel magazines and websites as they are that good.  Never thought of Berlin for vacation, I will now.

Nye Noona tells us he likes to spend time with her family on vacation.  She share her two favorite family vacations: RVing and spending time at the beach in North Carolina. Really enjoyed the mix of people, travel, night and motion photos.

Quite a year here on the blog and I could not do it without all my friends in the blogosphere who continue to amaze and astound me as their talent and vision grow over time.  Here’s to a great 2014!

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7 Responses to Assignment 27 Recap

  1. Carsten says:

    Thanks for the praise Scott.
    And thank you for sticking to organize and comment on these assignments. It is always a joy to attend.
    I wish you and your blog friends a peaceful Christmas


  2. Simone says:

    lovely, lovely shots. Make me want to go travelling! (that should be interesting, with the little one LOL)


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  4. Karma says:

    Hi Scott – has anyone contacted you about having trouble using the links in this post? I was trying this morning and they are not working. The problem is probably somewhere on my end (this laptop could be considered an artifact by today’s standards, lol) but I just thought I’d check.


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