How I Photo Blog

I have been asked a few times over the past year how I keep up with my blog and all the social networks I contribute to. I will get to the social networks in a bit. First, I want to explain how I go about producing my blog each week.

I create three posts each week on Views Infinitum. Mondays is the weekly View post. I have been doing them from the beginning when I only posted once a week for a 52 week photo project. Each week I posted a photo or photo essay about something I recently photographed. A view of the world through my camera lens if you will. You can see all the views by clicking the Weekly Views category in the sidebar.

When I first started, coming up with new photos every week was not easy. Sometimes I would wake on Sunday mornings trying to come up with an idea. This went on for about three months until I decided on a couple of things. First, I started carrying my camera

View 10: Let's Make Noise!

View 10: Let’s Make Noise!

with me as much as possible. Every family outing and trip became a photo opportunity. Second, I began checking local papers and websites for events I could photograph.

Once I coupled such research with my interests in nature, travel and sports photography, it was easy to find people, things, places and events almost every week. Vacations during the first year slowed down my weekly posts as hotels the first couple of years did not have Internet access. Today, it is easy to blog while I am on the road or schedule posts ahead of time. Scheduling posts was something I now take full advantage of and saves me lots of time. Depending on how ambitious I get when I am writing up blogs. I might do a whole week in one sitting.

I added Wednesdays to my blogging schedule during my second year. The posts are sometimes a continuation of my weekly view post or whatever I wished to blog about. Maybe a Disney post or two.

Towards the end of my second year of blogging, I borrowed a fellow blogger’s idea to ask my readers to join in on photography assignments which I run six times a year. This month the assignment is on motion photography. Click the link to see a few of the

View 128: Catching Some Waves

View 128: Catching Some Waves

submissions people have already left. Assignments take up three Wednesday posts in the month’s I run them.

As I started my third year of blogging, I added Fridays which are about photography subjects, reviews of equipment and books, tips, suggestions, links, guest posts and the occasional Disney post here and there. 🙂

To keep track of these posts, I have tried various things from notes on paper to spreadsheets. Last year I started using Trello. A kind of online To Do List tracker. I have a list for post ideas, planned posts, scheduled posts, published posts and special projects. The special projects are my own self assignments which eventually become a blog post or posts. Helps a lot when I am needing a little inspiration.

View 186: Summer Weekend

View 186: Summer Weekend

Here is how it works.  This weekend is the Syracuse Nationals Hot Rod Car show.  I have blogged about this show a couple of times in the past.  That gives me a challenge to photograph and show something new on Monday.  Wednesday will be my submission to the Motion assignment.  Friday will be a post about panoramics which might have a Disney photo or two.  See? Not hard at all.

To promote my blog, I use social media starting with all my blogmates you see listed under my Favorites. I also post my blog links on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, flickr and a few photography forums. Over the years, several of you have become frequent visitors with a nice stream of new comers who I hope decide to return. Thank you all for your support the last four and a half years.

As the title says, this is how I photo blog.  There are as many ways as there are bloggers. I invite you to visit my Favorite blogs and you will find people who blog everyday to those who blog infrequently.  They are all very talented people who share themselves in photographs and words.

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6 Responses to How I Photo Blog

  1. Good stuff Scott and this is a nice layout of how one sets up a process to follow and get things done. Proud of you.


  2. Karma says:

    You are really organized, Scott! I’m more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants blogger, writing when the photo inspiration hits me. Hoping to have more inspiration by next Wednesday! 😉


  3. Great read Scott you are doing a wonderful job, I know how hard it is to keep up with it, that’s why I tend to disappear form the net sometimes !!


  4. siqmindedfuq says:

    Awesome article! Definitely helpful! I’ve wanted to start blogging on my photo site too but just don’t get around to it. Maybe some of what I just read coupled with what I read on Mike Shaw’s G+ page “be better than you were yesterday” will be what I need.


  5. Nice to read how you pull it all off! I was wondering about that once a while!


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