Copy Space Room

As a stock photographer I have no idea how my photos may be used. There is one thing I do you might not, which is, to leave room for copy space.  Copy space is a relatively uncluttered area of a photo or graphic where text can be placed. Headlines, articles, graphics and miscellaneous text is often used by editors in the copy space of photos.

This is where the Rule of Thirds comes into play. By photographing with copy space in mind and using the Rule of Thirds, I create marketable photographs editors for magazines, books, ebooks, blogs, websites and other traditional and non-traditional media markets like to use.  For instance, maybe my friends at the HydroBowl would like to use this photo of racing inboard hydroplanes I took at last year’s event for a poster.

Hydrobowl 2012 Poster.

Hydrobowl 2012 Poster.

Even if you are not photographing for stock, keep copy space in mind to use in your own projects like slideshows, blog posts, photo books for friends and family, Christmas and other kinds of cards.  Click here to learn more about the Rule of Thirds and have a chance to earn a spot in an online photography class on Composition.

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4 Responses to Copy Space Room

  1. Sybil says:

    The photo is amazing Scott. I don’t know how to add text to a photograph for a blog post. I suspect I’d need special software for that.


    • Actually, you don’t. I use which works in your browser. I added the text to this photo that way. It’s not as fancy as a full graphics program but works for my needs. Anytime you see text on a photo here, was used to create it.


  2. milkayphoto says:

    Funny, I NEVER think about this when I am shooting because I’m never thinking like a stock photographer. I consider myself to be more of a photographic artist and I shoot to please myself and create something artistic. BUT, I can see this being a very important thing to keep in mind if this is your line of work.


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