Assignment 13 Recap

For this recap, I have purposely kept the names of the specific locations a mystery as I encourage you to visit and discover each on your own.  Each person interpreted the Hometown History assignment in their own way.  This created a varied and enjoyable set of personal histories of people’s “hometowns”.

We start off with the Gal from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan who ended traveling miles to visit her real hometown.  I would love to say she did it for this assignment but I think she was more worried about the Rapture.  Her post about her town when growing up was pure Kathy.

Lei Fraser happens to read Kathy’s blog and decided to show us an interesting historical photo essay of an elephant which looks over her hometown and how he got there.  Thanks for joining in, Lei.

Another Kathy reader (I might have to put her on the payroll at this rate), Tracy shows us a township with…well, not much but she explains how it has captured her heart.

Elisa was only going to reply to Kathy’s post (check is in the mail!) and ended up creating a post about not having a hometown which ended up with wonderful photos of a place full of history…in its people and its heart.

The hits keep coming as the Solitary Spinster read Kathy’s blog and questioned if she has a hometown as her life has landed her in many places.  Yet, her time walking about her current place of residence is well know to her now and in the past.

Dawn stopped in to share a mechanical marvel found in her small hometown which creates special treasures of a waxy variety.  I hope Dawn stops in again as I would love to see it in action.

Bruce Laidlaw bridged a time of Camelot with images of today.  I have been where Bruce took his photos and can only image him there…when it happened.  I bet it was breathtaking.

Isa contacted me about an issue with her camera and I told her to go ahead and use archived photos for her assignment.  I am glad I did as she shows us a hometown reaching back centuries and its continuing evolution to meet the needs of its residents of today.

Denise Heffernan found a point in time which changed her current hometown’s history and people as timeless as it still looks today.

A new comer and blogging neighbor, Deb, takes us for a spin around her current hometown taking us from celestial objects to a sweet and controversial discovery.  Hey, you know I believe it’s an upstate invention.

Nye came from Southeast Asia to her current adopted hometown in the Southeastern United States to a place which itself has come full circle which might again stake claim as an All-American City.

My Hometown History consisted of showing the difference between the late 1880’s and now as railroads which once wwere the life blood of a town faded away into history.

The first of my Denmark duo, Birgitte, has been going through a rainy period like many of us this Spring. She takes us from rainy streets with hundreds of years of history to a modern cruise vessel on the edge of European history, I hope it dries out soon so she can fill in more of her hometown.

Truels, who is in the midst of sharing his Australian adventures, took time to take us through a time warp starting 5,000 years in the past through a series of photos taken today and compared to ones taken in the past.  Whew…even I had to catch my breath.

Lastly, Gerry takes us back to Michigan and shows us a bridge which is more than just a way to travel over a natural obstacle but a way to connect the present to the past.

Thank you all for participating!  Check back for the next assignment in July of a more photographic variety.

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3 Responses to Assignment 13 Recap

  1. Kathy says:

    I’m on the payroll??? There’s a check in the mail??? Oh, Scott, my heart runneth over! Will it be enough to buy a meal in New York City next week with my daughter? Smiling…glad to send you a few participants this time around. Sounds like you inspired lots of us. (Glad we all got our assignments in before the Rapture. Because you never know.)


  2. Nye says:

    Thanks Scott for the recap and fun assignment. 🙂


  3. Karma says:

    Looks like you had a lot of great participation; sorry I couldn’t be one of them this time around. I wish I had after the recent events here in town. A tornado ripped through western Massachusetts on Wednesday (hence my also being behind on blog reading and commenting) and may have changed the look of parts of my town forever. I’ll be sure to have a look at all of these assignments in the coming days.


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