Relay for Life and Remembrance

In about a month, I will be participating in my second Relay for Life event in my town of Baldwinsville, New York.  The event is to raise funds for the American Cancer Society to help in their goal to find a cure for cancer

Click Here to Donate to Scott's Relay for Life team.  Thank you!I will be joined by friends and family as we remember family members and friends who have lost their lives to cancer.  It has been almost two years since I lost my sister, Linda, to brain cancer.  It has been a year since my Father-In-Law died of cancer which was followed by my Brother-In-Law’s wife succumbing to ovarian cancer a few weeks later.  I know many of you know of close friends and family currently battling cancer or morn the loss of others to this horrible disease.

I am asking for your help by donating to my team by clicking here (or the image above).  Any amount will help us reach our goal as We All Join Hearts and Hands to Find a Cure.  All donations go directly to the American Cancer Society. Thank you!

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6 Responses to Relay for Life and Remembrance

  1. Anna says:

    Oh my, Scott, I am so sorry for your loss and so close together…. I understand as I have lost dear ones, too, to cancer, their lives cut short. Yes, may a cure for cancer be discovered so this terrible disease be eradicated. Blessings to you and all who participate in the Relay for Life.


  2. I’ve given & I’ve shared the link on Twitter as well.


  3. Dawn says:

    Thank you for the link. So important.


  4. Nye says:

    Thanks Scott for this post, I’ve lost my mom due to cancer and recently lost 2 of my Laotian neighbors due to cancer also.


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