Getting Close

The many ways to get close up photos: 10x Close Up Filter, Macro Lens, Reverse Lens Macro, Telephoto Lens.There are many ways of getting close in photography.  Over the last couple of weeks, I have tried to show you a few of the different ways.  The above collage summarizes them.

Starting from the upper left: 10x Close Up filter on a 50mm Lens photo of a flower in one of the SUNY-ESF Greenhouses, a pet hair brush taken with a Nikon 105mm f/2.8 VR Micro (Macro) lens, reverse lens macro (RLM) of a flower petal and a telephoto lens close up of a tiger at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo.

This post is my “official” submission to the Close Up Photography assignment.

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18 Responses to Getting Close

  1. Christian Benstein says:

    Sweet bokeh! on the second photo ( hair brush ) Love it!


  2. Robin says:

    I would never have thought a pet hair brush could look so beautiful. The tiger looks ready to jump right out of the photo. And the flowers are, of course, wonderful. 🙂


    • The photo of the hair brush I did the first night with the macro lens. I was amazed at how it blurred a very boring kitchen walls into a soft and colorful background. I used an LED flashlight to add shadows and to make focusing easier.


  3. Giiid says:

    Great mix, they look good together. I like that there are both recognizable and mysterious subjects, – like the pet hair brush photo.


  4. Gerry says:

    I like the bold colors–and I like the effect of the rounded corners. (I know, I know, I’m always looking at the wrong part. I can’t help it, my brain’s wired funny.)


  5. Those are great examples of close-up photography. All so different with a lot of interesting details. Thanks for this assignment, Scott. I really enjoyed it.


  6. Carsten says:

    Close up is a relative term. You have kept the safe distance to the cat and still managed a close up portrait.
    Haven’t we seen the purplish petal before? The DOF in the pet brush image gives a good effect with the light on the pin ends. Good and different.


    • Yes, you have seen the purplish petal before but not this section nor at this magnification. I photographed the tiger using the 80-400mm VR lens at 400mm. I had to step back a bit before I could get a tight shot of his head.


  7. milkayphoto says:

    Great job, Scott! I must say, the tiger looks a little annoyed (I see that same expression often in my feline). Sigh, for some reason, I thought the deadline was the end of March…


    • The tiger had just gotten on this rock and settled down when I came along. Yeah, he was probably annoyed since I was the only one there and had the nerve to want to photograph him. 🙂

      Sorry, you thought the deadline was later. 😦 I try to make it as clear as I can in the assignment announcements.


  8. Karma says:

    What a great variety of subjects. Love the tiger!
    That’s a unique collage set-up too. The only collages I’ve been able to do so far are the ones in BigHugeLabs, and they don’t give you a ton of options. May I ask what you used to do it?


  9. Deanna says:

    Great photos! Love the tiger and who knew a hairbrush could look so good in a photo.


  10. Nye says:

    Scott, really like your close up layout, the colors compliment each other well and love the close up of the tiger.


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