My Trouble with Twitter

A mural outside the entrance to Spaceship Earth depicting Mankind's advancements in communications.Twitter is wonderful. The amount of information which flows through Twitter every hour is astounding. I monitor Twitter most of the day and see all these great comments, photos and links.  I just do not have time to read them all.

I learned very quickly about how to Favorite a tweet.  This lets me go back to the tweets when I have time.  Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it?  As I look at my Favorites link right now I have 828 Favorites. A daunting number and hence my trouble with Twitter.

Many of my Favorite tweets are photography related so, for this week’s Photography blog, I am going to share a few.  Do not worry, it will only be five of them.

Those who follow my @sthomasphotos Twitter account know I re-tweet out a lot from Scott Bourne, who publishes the Photofocus blog I have linked under Photography blogs in the sidebar.  Scott just gets it when it comes to photography and when he tweeted out this: Photograph what matters to you I knew it was an instant Favorite.  Follow the link and I think you will agree.

Craft & Vision is the eBook publishing website for David duChemin.  Besides tweeting out the latest photography ebook or sale, Craft & Vision tweets out information and links about the state of photography today.  Most of those tweets make me stop and take notice, like this one: Are You an Artist or Just Another Photographer?

Not all the tweets I mark as a Favorite are on photography.  Some have very important lessons to teach from other’s misfortunes. Many of you know IvoryHut (Erika) suffered a huge loss when her family’s home was destroyed by a fire last year.  A few weeks later, she tweeted out this article: Fire is a powerful teacher. I suggest you read this and take stock of your life.

I follow several accounts which are Twitter aggregators.  They grab tweets from hundreds of accounts.  Here’s an example: 32 Great Examples of Long Exposure One of the ways to become better at photography is to look at good photographs and such tweets show some of best photos about a type of photography.

I am a sucker for a good “How to” article and dslrTips tweets out a slew of them like this: How to Shoot Silhouettes:

If you have a Twitter account, I urge you to follow the accounts I have linked to today.  My version of a Follow Friday (#FF). There, now I am down to 823 Favorites!

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19 Responses to My Trouble with Twitter

  1. milkayphoto says:

    Wow – wondeful links Scott! No time in my day for twittering so I’ll let you filter out the minutia for me. 😉


  2. kanniduba says:

    My sucking Hershey’s Syrup out of the bottle Tweets aren’t good enough for you?

    I know an Elitist when I see one!!

    *pshaw* on you and your list!

    (said with a wink and a smile). ;P


  3. Gerry says:

    Can. Not. Cope. With. Overload.


  4. I will follow your advice to Gerry and won’t start twittering ! The links you shared in this post are very interesting, thank you. I visited them all and was touched by Erika’s testimony about her loss. Precious words and teaching. Scott Bourne’s advice “Photograph what matters to you” will be remembered indeed.


    • You’re welcome, Isa. Erika did us all a great favor by telling us her story and things to do to avoid what she went through. She is a wonderful person I hope to meet someday to give her a hug for that article and for writing the food photography guest blog a few weeks ago for me.

      I highly recommend you visit Scott Bourne’s blog from time to time. It it if full of other insightful posts.


  5. I KNEW there was a reason I don’t use Twitter! 😉
    That’s a lot of favorites!


  6. kanniduba says:

    Just got around to actually checking the links…fantastic Scott!

    I will begrudgingly admit they are much more educational than my Tweets! LOL

    Maybe I should start broadcasting Half Hour over there…might be time to let my worlds collide a bit.


  7. Karma says:

    As you know Scott, I tweet too, but I’m a pretty low-key Twitter-er. I follow 40-something and only have about 20-something followers, but that seems to be a manageable amount. You and my sister and a few others I follow seem to RT enough to keep it interesting!


  8. Did you paint that photo or did you take a photograph of any case it’s awesome. I don’t use twitter but maybe one of these days will check into it.


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