View 160: Disney Dream-ing

Disney Dream Christening Cruise documents.

My wife had a very good year as a Disney travel agent for Dreams Unlimited Travel.  She was awarded a new Apple 32GB 3G iPad for being one of Dreams Unlimited Travel’s Top Sales Agents in 2010.  Earlier in the year, she won a cruise from the Disney Cruise Line (DCL).

This is not just any cruise, mind you. It is the Christening Cruise for DCL’s brand new ship, the Disney Dream, which sails later this week. As luck would have it, her winning cruise was for two and I will be accompanying her.  Life is rough, you know? 😉

I will be tweeting out photos and comments from my Disney account, @Scottwdw. Follow me for updates or check in to watch the fun. I might be able to post from the Disney Dream as it cruises on the Atlantic Ocean.  Won’t that be something!

Keep working on the Food Photography assignment while I am gone.  Gee, wonder where my food photos will be coming from?


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17 Responses to View 160: Disney Dream-ing

  1. How exciting! I can’t wait to read all about your cruise.
    Congrats to your wife on such a great year!


  2. kanniduba says:


    Have a great time…will be anxiously awaiting updates. Can’t wait to hear your opinion of the cruise experience…Zan and I are pondering the Disney/Disney Cruise split vacation as our next Disney adventure with the kids in a couple of years.


  3. A rough life indeed 😉 What a fabulous ride ! Wish you and your wife a beautiful cruise !


  4. Robin says:

    I wish my life were so rough… 😉
    Bon voyage!


  5. Karma says:

    Very exciting – and I bet a huge benefit to it being a media cruise is that it won’t be overrun with lots of little kids! How great that your wife had such a wonderful year! I thought the internet had pretty much done live travel agents in.


  6. flandrumhill says:

    Hope the cruise is all it promises to be for both of you. You lucky boy Scott!


  7. Mitch says:

    My goodness… I think not! lol


  8. Gerry says:

    OK, this is moderately more exciting than snowshoeing at Barnes Park, I’ll give you that. 😉

    Have a wonderful time! Don’t fall off boat.


  9. montucky says:

    That’s proof that sometimes hard work is rewarded. Have a great cruise!


  10. milkayphoto says:

    Congrats to you both! Disney cruises are AWESOME! We went on one a few years back…looooovvvvvved the day at the private island (Castaway Cay). I hope the Dream goes there, too!

    Have a FABULOUS time!!! 🙂


  11. Janet says:

    Scott, it couldn’t happen to a nicer couple. Congratulations! I can’t wait to see your photos & read your words about the cruise. Have a safe & fun trip!


  12. Nye says:

    Wow, how exciting. Lee was asking me about this while we were at Disney and I told her to save up. 🙂

    Have fun and looking forward to seeing your photos.


  13. Daveabirding says:

    Curiosity question, was the waterslide video yours, and if so what are you using for a WP camera? I have a WP/shockproof p&s and a gopro HD video for skiing. Your posts seem to have a good take on gear and I was curious if you have used anything in that market.


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