A Spirited Guest Blog

This month’s guest blog comes from a 365-Day project photographer.  I have seen many start such an endeavor but few finish.  It is the reason why I choose a weekly format when I started this blog as I knew my life would not allow taking and posting a photo every day.  So, when someone starts and finishes a 365 Day Project, it gets my attention.

Not only was it completed but it was started and completed in the middle of Winter and she lives in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Known as the UP to her the locals and fans of her blog, Lake Superior Spirit.  Kathy entertains us daily with her stories and photographs of her adventures around the UP, Michigan’s “hand” and the occasional trip to other parts of the world.

I asked her to do a Guest Blog because she comes to photography from a different direction than most.  Kathy is a writer first and foremost.  The challenge of picking up a digital camera and traversing all over the place photographing was foreign to her.  She learned “on the job” and found something.  I’ll let her explain it on Friday.

It is a good lesson for those of you who think you could never take good pictures.  People like Kathy pick up a camera daily and find a new passion, hobby and fun in looking through an LCD screen or viewfinder at the world around them.

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1 Response to A Spirited Guest Blog

  1. Karma says:

    I’ve started reading Kathy regularly, but I don’t think I ever realized she started as a 365 project! I agree that this project can create a passion; it makes you look at things around you in ways you might not have before. I’ll look forward to Kathy’s post.


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