View 129: Irish Eyes

In a recent fundraiser for my Relay for Life team, there were a few families of Irish descent in attendance, can you tell?  These young people and many others decorated Luminary Bags which will have sand and a candle placed in them this Friday night and lighted in honor of their close friends and family who have been afflicted by cancer.  Proof again this disease can affect anyone of any age.

Irish Eyes are Smiling!

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13 Responses to View 129: Irish Eyes

  1. Gerry says:

    Oh, such beautiful children! I wonder, do you suppose that Irish eyes always come with such nice freckles? Lovely, tender images, Scott.


  2. milkayphoto says:

    Oh, the sweet expressions of children! With such beautiful souls it cannot help but come through. Great job. 🙂


  3. Carsten says:

    These eyes are certainly smiling. Beautiful children and images – as Gerry already wrote 🙂
    The first one where the girl has eye contact is special. There is ‘something’ there.


  4. karma says:

    I agree with Carsten – the first girl is eye-catching; forgive the pun! I’d love to have the skill to catch beautiful faces in this way.


  5. Beautiful capture Scott 🙂


  6. montucky says:

    Those are really great photos, Scott! Beautiful children!


  7. Such a wonderful blog ! Irish eyes smiling, the real ones and the song, the beautiful images of the island of the forty shades of green, so many good memories there. Thank you Scott, I loved it !


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