Assignment 4: November

Even though time is something Mankind created, each calendar month seems to have a certain feel to it.  It’s reflected in nature and the events placed in the calendar.

I live in the northern hemisphere and in an area which gets four distinct seasons.  November to me is a transition month between the colorful autumn and festivals of October and the winter and holidays of December.  The days grow shorter, darker and colder yet some days are bright and warm.  Nature has prepared with most trees now bare of leaves and a hard frost has stopped growth.  Here in the United States, people celebrate Thanksgiving with family and prepare to go shopping on Black Friday.

November is our final assignment for 2009.  Show me what November means to you.  You can create new photos or use something from your archives on this assignment.

November can be colorful like this sunset I photographed last year at Onondaga Lake Park near Syracuse, New York.

November can be colorful like this sunset I photographed last year at Onondaga Lake Park near Syracuse, New York.

As in the other assignments, do not send me your photos. What I would like you to do is post them on your blog, flickr or other photo sharing site, personal website or any other place on the Internet where you can place a link to it here by making a comment to this blog entry. Then we can visit those sites and learn what we all think of the month of November.

Please, have your photos posted by Wednesday, November 18, 2009. Don’t have a place to post? Might be a good time to start up a blog or join a photo community like flickr or Exposure. As I did for Assignments 1, 2 and 3, I’ll put together a recap with my comments.

If you have any questions, leave me a comment and I will be happy to answer them. By the way, I would really appreciate it if you would help spread the word about this so we can get lots of people to participate. Thanks!

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46 Responses to Assignment 4: November

  1. Carsten says:

    That was an outstanding beautiful sunset Scott.
    So now sunsets are out of my scope 🙂
    Anyway, where I live there are too many obstacles preventing a good view to the horizon.
    I’ll find something different………


  2. Gerry says:

    That is a striking vision. It makes me want to write a book that could be wrapped up in that cover. (You will notice that I did not say it makes me want to run out and make a November image. I’ll do that, but my first impulse is to write . . . )


  3. Carsten says:

    Well, I can’t write a book about November. Not in danish and absoltely not in english.
    I think you’ll have to do with my post on the subject instead :
    I can’t promise it will be the only one.


  4. Beautiful sunset!!! Remarkable saturation and reflection off the water. 🙂


  5. Nye says:

    This is beautiful, a lot more colorful than my world at the moment, it’s time for me to look around. 🙂


  6. Anna Surface says:

    Hi Scott. What a beautiful and vibrant sunset view of lake and sky! I love the silhouette tree in the foreground.

    Here is my show and tell what November means to me:



  7. Nye says:

    Hi Scott, here is my assignment, it’s obvious that feeling and seeing are two different things.


  8. flandrumhill says:

    Gerry at Torch Lake Views suggested I add my post from today to your mix. The November landscape in Nova Scotia Canada has much to offer in the way of colour and warmth:


  9. giiid says:

    Hi Scott.
    Your photo is so beautiful and almost supernatural. I would love to see that kind of sky here, right now. I think the lines in the clouds from the wind makes it alive, still moving even captures by your lens.
    My contribution is not as colorful, we are having a dark November.

    Thank you for making this assignments, it is a very good idea and opportunity to see other blogs.


  10. This is a fabulous sunset, surreal colours highlighted by the dark silhouettes of trees and bushes. An amazing and wonderful picture.
    Here is my contribution to your November challenge :


  11. kanniduba says:

    Whew! Wasn’t sure if I would be able to pull this one off, but….here it is, a mixture of old, new, and revisited photos. 🙂


  12. miekmiek says:

    Here is my post. The Dutch word herfst actually means autumn. the pictures taken on one of the last fine autumn days evocate the end of autumn, the last leaf to fall, the statue of a fluteplayer hung with cobwebs just one more fine day before winter starts.


  13. Robert says:

    Hi Scott,

    Here’s my contribution for the November Challenge, shot in one of the many micro-climates hiding in a local forest here in Southern Ontario:


  14. Gerry says:

    Wuff! In by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin, my take on November in northern Michigan:

    I have to run back and give you links for Babs and Katherine’s very different takes.


  15. Gerry says:

    And here’s Katherine’s very different take on milkweed in November:


  16. Deanna says:

    You’re photo is stunning, love the contrast of the sunset against the tree. I’m a beginner, but here is my November post.
    Last year it was a travel blog, now it’s mostly a mommy blog.


  17. Jennifer A says:

    Hi! I’m sliding in at the last minute to finally participate in one of your challenges, Scott.


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