View 93: St. Lawrence River Panorama

View of the St. Lawrence River from the US side span of the 1000 Islands Bridge in New York state. Click photo to see larger version.

View from 150 feet above the St. Lawrence River from the US span of the 1000 Islands Bridge in New York state. Click photo to see larger version.

I mentioned I recently attended a workshop on Landscape photography. Besides learning how to do HDR (High Dynamic Range) images, I learned how to create panoramas from multiple photographs by stitching them together via software. Now, that sounds easy but there’s lots to keep in mind when photographing panoramas which I wrote about on my Disney blog (click here).

I did everything you were supposed to do for this panoramic of the St. Lawrence River from the 1000 Islands Bridge except use a tripod. Oh, I had one with me but there is not a lot of room on the bridge’s walkway and the bridge moves so a tripod would not have been of much use. I did pretty good hand holding as the software didn’t have much trouble stitching the photos together with very little cropping needed. You’ll probably be seeing more panoramic images in the future around here. They are fun to do and give a new prospective to my photography.

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15 Responses to View 93: St. Lawrence River Panorama

  1. yesbuts says:

    Great image.
    The Canon G9 has the stitching feature which I used once – the problem is, massive files and the result isn’t that suitable for reproduction on the web. Having said that I saw a 180 deg photo taken during the night on the Millennium Bridge in central London – the result was spectacular.


    • YB, you might to try with the Nikon D40 and stitch it together on your computer. There’s a demo of the software I used on the link where I wrote about it on the Disney blog. Free to try and you can produce small versions.

      Once I get the technique down, I’ll purchase the software I use to be able to print panos big enough to frame.


  2. Gerry says:

    I have a stitching feature I’ve never used because, well, let’s just say “pretty good hand-holding” is way outside my capabilities, and I wouldn’t swear to being able to use the tripod for the purpose without tipping over the whole arrangement . . . and ending up with the dogs rolling around in helpless guffaws. Come to think of it, that’s better than some of the stuff they roll around in. I digress.

    I enjoyed exploring around in that image. It felt like being able to zoom in on an aerial photo.


  3. Very nice especially hand held, I wouldn’t have even attempted this with a tripod, well done !!


  4. Nice panorama. Anna has stitched a photo or two together, but I haven’t tried it yet. Looks like it can be a lot of fun. Looking forward to seeing more or your panoramic shots.


  5. montucky says:

    Very nice! That will be something interesting to explore!


  6. Mitch says:

    Fantastic shot! I even went to view it and enlarged it to see if I could notice where you’d put it together, and I couldn’t see anything. Great job!


  7. rvewong says:

    I wish the panoramas worked better on our computer monitors. Seems you need software to zoom and scroll which so far isn’t built into our browsers.


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