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twitter-logo In case you haven’t noticed, I added a Twitter feed to the left sidebar. On Twitter, I announce new blog posts for here and my Disney photography blog. I will also send out links to other interesting photography articles which come my way.

Recently, I downloaded a couple of iPhone apps which will allow me to upload photos to Twitter. The one that’s really exciting is Chase Javis’ Best Camera Ecosystem recently launched which includes an iPhone app, book and community.

So, if you are on Twitter, click on the Follow Me on Twitter link.

I have done a little house cleaning on the list of Favorite Blogs. Some of the blogs had gone dark which means they were no longer being updated. I have hidden them for now. If any of them wake up, I’ll add them back.

I have added a new link category which was kind of hidden on my Links Page called Photographers. These are photographers I admire and all have great images to share and/or wisdom to pass on. Check them out when you can.

Do not forget about the Photography links. Some great stuff from How To’s to inspiration can be had from them.

Have dropped the ball on the Photo Assignments I did early in the year and will be bringing it back later this month. You can click on the Assignment category in the left sidebar to review what they were about and how they worked. I hope you’ll all jump back in!

Have a wonderful weekend everybody! See you back here on Monday!



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  1. Looking forward to new assignments! Any hints about what the next one will be?


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