Thundering Hooves

This years New York State Fair champion of the 8 Horse Hitch was the Grandview Clydesdales from Huntington, Indiana.

This year's New York State Fair champion of the 8 Horse Hitch was the Grandview Clydesdales from Huntington, Indiana.

The six and eight draft horse competitions at this year’s New York State Fair had standing room only crowds in the Coliseum arena. There were many teams of Percheron and Belgium draft horses but only one team of Clydesdales. The Grandview Clydesdales were an immediate fan favorite with their stately manor and flying white hairs about their lower legs. Weighing from 1,600 to 2,000 pounds each, a Clydesdale eight horse hitch makes a rhythmic thumping sound as thirty-two hoofs hit the ground in sync. The driver controlling from up high on the wagon being pulled. Trotting, walking, stopping and backing up for the judge, the driver puts his team of giants through their paces.

Out of thirteen 8 horse hitch teams, the Clydesdales brought home the blue ribbon to the jubilation of their fans.

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7 Responses to Thundering Hooves

  1. imac says:

    Mighty fine set of Horses there.


  2. burstmode says:

    They are the most impressive of horses.


  3. Gerry says:

    I have loved Clydesdales since I was little. I think it’s the furry feet. I can’t imagine being able to drive a team of eight. How beautiful these are, and how tiny the driver looks by comparison!


  4. Anna Surface says:

    Love the Clydesdales! I haven’t seen Clydesdales since living in St. Louis, Missouri many years ago. They are so magnificent and you have to see them to know their style, uniqueness and how huge they are! Nice on-the-move capture. 🙂


  5. What beautiful animals. Somehow with all their power they move with a certain grace. I like your photo. The slight blur of the horses’ feet communicates their advancement. I can almost hear their thundering hooves.


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