View 59: Bowling Party

During his party, my nephew raises his hands in celebration after picking up a spare.

During his bowling party, my nephew raises his hands in celebration after picking up a spare.

I attended my nephew’s birthday party over the weekend.  For the last few years, his party has been held at a local bowling alley where everyone bowls a couple of games before enjoying some buffalo wings, pizza, soda and cake.  This year, the bowling alley had on it’s blacklights for some cool effects.

I used a speedlight bounced off the ceiling for added light on my nephew yet still captured the ambient light of the blacklights and reflective posters. Remember when taking photos of children to get down to their level.

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3 Responses to View 59: Bowling Party

  1. Mitch says:

    What; there was pizza and wings and I wasn’t invited; sniff! Great shot of him, but which bowling alley is this, as the surroundings are unfamiliar to me.


  2. Laurie says:

    Fun shot…he looks like he was having a good time.


  3. Mitch, that’s Thunderbird Lanes. Most alleys that are still around have had to install party lighting, sound systems and cater to parties and Rock’n Bowl to survive. League bowling has been declining for years and this is how they supplement some of that loss of income.

    Thanks for stopping by, Laurie! He did have a good time. 🙂


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