Castle & Wreaths

Wreaths decorate Main Street USA in Walt Disney Worlds Magic Kingdom.

Wreaths decorate Main Street USA in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom.

I saw a similar photo from a fellow Walt Disney World photographer and remembered it when I was walking down Main Street USA earlier this week. Though I didn’t get the same angle and background, I did figure out I needed my Nikon 18-200mm VR lens set to 200mm to compress the wreaths, a small aperture of f/22 to get a sharp image from front to back and a long exposure of 3 seconds to capture the colors. All those settings required a tripod and remote shutter release which I brought with me into the Magic Kingdom for the first time. Oh, the things we do for our photography. 🙂

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6 Responses to Castle & Wreaths

  1. rvewong says:

    Nice shot Scott. I’ve never seen Disney at Xmas.


  2. Mainstreet USA, fireworks, Cinderella’s Castle….. just wanted to say THANK YOU for a beautiful virtual trip to Disney World. 🙂


  3. stphoto says:

    You are all most welcome. I’ll get back to my regular blog on Monday as I finish out my 52 week project.

    Once I get through all the photos from WDW, I’ll put together a gallery for you all to visit.


  4. giiid says:

    We just have to go there some day, it looks so fantastic. Thank you for showing. I´m looking foreward o see the gallery.


  5. stphoto says:

    Birgitte, they do the same at Disneyland Paris for Christmas. In fact, they did it first and it was brought to the other parks over the last couple of years. You should check it out.


  6. morningjoy says:

    I also have never seen Disney World at Christmas time. Your photos bring me there and I love it! Thanks.


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