View 45: November Sunset

Sunset over Onondaga Lake from Onondaga Lake Park on November 2, 2008.

Sunset over Onondaga Lake from Onondaga Lake Park on November 2, 2008.

The color of October has gone to be replaced by the stark beauty of November trees prepared for the long winter months ahead. I took a sunrise of Onondaga Lake in the Spring when the light was much different.

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19 Responses to View 45: November Sunset

  1. nord67 says:

    Great picture. So peaceful. The colours are incredible. Awesome.


  2. visuallens says:

    Beautiful sunset..calm and colorful.


  3. Barrie says:

    Beautiful Scott!


  4. stphoto says:

    It was very peaceful at the park last night. It was chilly so there wasn’t many other people around. I kept walking along the shore looking for interesting trees and other things to place in front of the setting sun.

    These three trees came into view and it all came together.

    Thanks everyone for your comments! Much appreciated!


  5. morningjoy says:

    What a lovely sunset. I love the lacy branches against that vivid sky. Nice photo!


  6. runningwithellen says:

    Winter is just around the corner-I look forward to your snow photos!


  7. Chalkhills Collective says:

    A great shot. I love the fine detail of the branches against the sky.


  8. Both photos are beautiful, but I much prefer the sunset. Great shot!


  9. LOL I just got your e-mail to my comment…. with “both photos” I meant the one above and the sunrise photo you linked to 😉


  10. stphoto says:

    Oh….that explains it!


  11. stphoto says:

    Would like to thank all of you who are linking in from the “This Week in Photography” blog (see link under my Favs list to the right). Happy to see ya!

    Lisa’s neat article on what to do when the weather isn’t perfect was very timely as I had just gone out and photographed this sunset.

    Here’s a linkback to her article and you should check out her blog for more tips and other interesting articles.


  12. Hi Scott
    thx for leaving a comment on my Irish picture! Keep watching there will be more of that country soon on my blog (if I have the time). Lovely to stroll through the year with your pictures! I like your work!

    take care, cheers, Chris


  13. giiid says:

    This is so lovely, a beautiful sunset as we like to see it. I think this picture is special in some way, I can´t tell what it is, maybe the the angle of the clouds? Wonderful.


  14. Keith Rowell says:

    Very nice. I love the inclusion of the trees in front of the sunset. I think that’s what makes this image special.


  15. Carsten says:

    Thats where I would like to sit quiet and close….


  16. mrgrosky says:

    Beautiful photo, Scott! The starkness of the tree branches is a nice counterpart to the glory of the sky. My Nikon 18-200 lens is also my favorite. Mitch


  17. stphoto says:

    Waving hello to all of you who have commented the last couple of days. Thank you for coming! I do enjoy visiting all of your blogs and am glad you liked this weekly view. I’ll be posting another on Monday so come on back! Ya hear?


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