View 37: Celtic Rock

Enjoyed an evening of Celtic music at the annual Syracuse Irish Festival over the weekend. There was traditional Irish food, beer, dance and vendors on the grounds and traditional stage. On the Main Stage, they featured some Celtic rock bands which update traditional Celtic and Irish songs and their own compositions using bagpipes, flutes, drums and violins and mix in keyboards, bass and electric guitars. The sound is something that needs to be experienced. I first came in contact with this music at Walt Disney World where a group called Off Kilter performs many shows a week in Epcot.

Rathkeltair was first artist to perform in the evening. They liked to mix in some old rock songs with their compositions.

Bass player, guitar player, piper vocal, fiddle player

Members of Rathkeltair; Peter Kimosh, Trevor Tanner, Neil Anderson & Ashley Macleod

Click here for a video of Rathkeltair in concert!

The Elders performed a little later in the evening giving the crowd some time to enjoy more good food and beverages. They put on a great show. Though older in age, they were full of energy lead by their lead vocal and percussionists, Ian Byrne, a true Irishman in spirit and song.

Guitarist, Ian Byrne and fiddle player

Members of The Elders; Steve Phillips, Ian Byrne & Brent Hoad

Click here for a video of The Elders in concert!

I encourage you to check out the band’s websites and sample their performances on youTube. All their music is available on iTunes and CDs on Amazon.

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8 Responses to View 37: Celtic Rock

  1. elle dunne says:

    The bass player for Rathkeltair at that show was Peter Kimosh


  2. stphoto says:

    Thanks, Elle! I’ve updated the caption. Wouldn’t happen to know Ashley’s last name would you? 🙂


  3. morningjoy says:

    I also enjoyed hearing an Irish band this summer at Epcot. The jamin’ that Rathkeltair serves up, though, is at a whole other level. I really enjoyed Neil Anderson’s bagpipe performance on the video link. What an artist!
    Thanks for sharing.


  4. stphoto says:

    You saw Off Kilter. There’s a link in the first paragraph to their website. I’ve been enjoying them at Epcot for years.


  5. elle dunne says:

    Yep, Ashley Macleod. She’s based in Canada.

    And Pete’s myspace is here:
    (he also played bass on Rathkeltair’s last CD, “Everybody”)

    And naturally, we have and you can find each of the permanent band members profiles and sites from there.



  6. stphoto says:

    Thank you, Elle! Very much appreciated!


  7. elle dunne says:

    You’re very welcome.


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