View 36: Fair People

Some Interesting People at the New York State Fair

Some Interesting People at the New York State Fair

I’d like to introduce you to some of the people I came across during this year’s New York State Fair. Starting from the upper left and going clockwise…

Fred posing with his likeness, Flapjack Freddy, at the Grange Restaurant. I’ve been going to this restaurant for breakfast at the Fair for years now. I was taking photos of Flapjack Freddy when one of the workers asked if I’d like Fred in the picture. I enthusiastically said, “Yes!”. Fred has a great smile, doesn’t he?

I watched a presentation in the Iroquois Village one evening where they explain and demonstrate their traditional dances on the Turtle Mound stage. The 4-year-old girl is doing the “Smoke Dance” and is last’s years champion in her age group.

There was a new Live Horror House at the Fair this year. It was located outside the Cow Barn and had a crowd around it with it’s huge monster animated figure and a living robot I call The Count. HIs makeup and movements were eerie. He looked familiar though. Like an English Chap living robot I’ve seen at another Fair restaurant over the last couple of years.

Hey, ever wanted to be in the audience of an Infomercial? At the Center of Progress building there’s people selling stuff from super mops to remote controlled toy flying helicopters. The super chamois you see this women demonstrating was a big seller this year. Saw many Fair goers with bags containing three of the chamois’.

At the Raptor Project tent, people can have their picture taken with one of the hawks, owls or falcons. This little girl was having hers with the American Kestrel.

I took in the Wheelchair Baskteball game between the Syracuse Flyers and the Sitrin S.T.A.R.S at the court in front of the Coliseum. Jimmy Joesph played the entire game and had a great time. Always smiling and laughing while playing hard. It helped that his team won by three points!

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8 Responses to View 36: Fair People

  1. morningjoy says:

    Quite a variety of interesting photos. Every one tells a story.


  2. stphoto says:

    Which is what I love about a good photo, the story it tells.


  3. Gaye Johnson says:

    I read every word and love the good pictures that go with the stories. Very interesting commentary and presentation! Hats off to you for doing this one!


  4. firefox says:

    very intersting combination


  5. stphoto says:

    Thanks, Gaye!!! Now if I only had your budget for camera lenses. LOL

    firefox, anywhere people are there are always interesting combinations. 🙂


  6. joker says:

    Thank you!! i’m searching this information untill i got it there.


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