View 24: A River Runs Through It

Seneca River

Over the past ten years, my village of Baldwinsville has undergone a transformation using the natural resource of the Seneca River and the Man-made Erie Canal to bring in more people to the village. New restaurants, an inn, festivals, concerts and fireworks bring in tourists, fishermen, boaters and village locals back into the downtown and river area. This is much different than 100 years ago when the river and canal meant power and transportation for the industries of Baldwinsville but, the results are the same, more opportunities for entrepreneurs to build a business and enjoyment of the river for everyone else.

Wildlife still call the Seneca River home like this Mallard Duck. Fishing is a major draw from bass to record-setting carp. Erie Canal Lock 24 is open for business and is one of the busiest on the Erie Canal system. Many of the boaters stop by the Lock 24 Restaurant to have a meal and listen to entertainers like Dr. Paul on warm evenings from Spring to Fall.

Male Mallard Duck Fishing on the Seneca River Erie Canal Lock 24 Dr. Paul

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9 Responses to View 24: A River Runs Through It

  1. virtualnexus says:

    Pleasing evening light on the bridge photo. It’s some years since I’ve seen Lake Ontario – lovely shots.


  2. stphoto says:

    Water was and has become again the driving force for commerce in upstate NY so you’ll be seeing more from Lake Ontario and other waterways in the future.


  3. mdee88 says:

    beautiful golden glow on the water image and excellent snippets of local lifestyle. thank you for the comment as well.


  4. Mitch says:

    They have certainly done a beautiful job with this area, especially when one remembers what it looked like before. I remember the disco program we went to a couple of years ago; great stuff until the “little guys” invaded later in the evening. LOL


  5. Carl Lowery says:

    I was born in B’ville and left for the Navy in 1964. Your pictures and comments brought back some terrific memories. Thanks for the trip.


  6. stphoto says:

    Glad I could bring you back some memories, Carl. Hope you get a chance make a visit back someday.


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