View 314: He Scores!

Whenever a player in a hockey game nets a goal, if the game is being announced over radio or television, the sports announcer will say, “He Scores!“.  As a sports photographer, if I can not get the score, I get the celebration.

Ice Hockey Goal Celebrations.

See Text below for Photo Captions

This past week, I photographed several ice hockey goal celebrations.  Ignoring the red team in the top middle for now, the other ones are from the two Syracuse Crunch games I photographed.

Top left, Brett Connolly (28) raises his stick in celebration of his second goal against the Binghamton Senators.

Bottom left, Brett Connolly (28) celebrates his first goal against the Binghamton Senators with teammates Tanner Richard (71) and Dana Tyrell (42).

Bottom middle, Jon DiSalvatore (41) celebrates his goal against the Hershey Bears with teammate Tanner Richard (71).

Bottom right, Brett Connolly (28) raises his stick in celebration after scoring his third goal against the Binghamton Senators.  Scoring three goals in one game is called a Hat Trick.  After this goal, fans littered the ice with hats. A hockey tradition.

Top right, Mike Angelidis (10) yells in celebration of his goal against the Hershey Bears.

Retuning back to the top middle photo. This was the most exciting one.  The Baldwinsville Bees and Syracuse Cougars had skated to a 0-0 tie after regulation. In high school hockey, they play a five minute overtime period.  If no one scores in overtime, the game ends in a tie.  With only nine seconds left on the clock, the Bees Garrett Gray (18) scored.  His team jumped over the bench to join him in the celebration.  The goalie Nick Harper (31), you see joining them a little late, had kept the Bees in the game with 49 saves.

It’s fun to celebrate life’s accomplishments.  What do you raise your arms in celebration for?

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5 Responses to View 314: He Scores!

  1. Great array of image Scott !!


  2. Marcia Schwartz says:

    Having a talented brother-in-law like you!


  3. Gerry says:

    Getting the steps cleared before it snows again!


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