Assignment 24: Recap

As I noted in this assignment’s announcement post, Black and White Photography would be a challenge for me.  A few others made similar comments to the post.  As I replied to one, such challenges is how we learn and grow as photographers as well as a person.

In total, fifteen photo bloggers posted links to Black and White photos and why they chose to convert from color.  I enjoyed each and every one for the photos and their insights into the process of seeing in monochrome.

UPDATE (April 2, 2013): I must right an egregious wrong.  In the original Recap of this assignment, I skipped over the post by Karma.  This was not done intentionally and I feel very badly for the oversight.  She has forgiven me but I do not forgive myself. So, here is the sixteenth photo blogger’s submission.

Karma from the great state of Massachusetts was the person I was referring to in the opening paragraph.  Like me, she was unsure how to approach this assignment.  She picked excellent subjects for her Black and White conversions showing details, moods and shapes which might get lost in a color photograph.

Simone from Ireland used a medium format Voigtländer camera from the 1940’s and dived into a project where she photographed using Black and White film, developed it herself and created a beautiful print of an old abbey.   Fantastic!

Isa of Switzerland shows us an animal (her pet beagle), a plant, a thing and did she actually go to Melbourne? 😉  All her photos show how Black and White photos bring out different aspects which could get lost in a color photograph.

Tony from England shares a couple of beautiful monochrome posts from the United Kingdom.  I remember the beautiful parks from my visit to England back in 2005 and Astley Park is an excellent example. Thanks for sharing, Tony!

Mike, who hails from upstate New York, not only shared his monochrome images but his insight into why he enjoys photographing and learning about it.  Very nice post, Mike. Been enjoying your exploration of the medium.

Scott from the Magic Kingdom..I mean, Orlando, Florida, has been using black and white photography at Walt Disney World for a few years now.  He shares with us a flickr photo set of his work called the Disney Prestige Collection.  Disney parks like you have never seen them before.

Barbara from Ithaca, New York, pinged back her excellent work in black and white. I really liked her work with glass.

Sonali from India shares a set of black and white photos which show how different India is and how people are still the same there.  The photo of the hands is exceptionally striking.

Debbie who is also from Ithaca, New York, shows us the before and after images she converted from color to black and white.  I certainly noticed a change in focus as I looked from one to the other.  Did you?

Birgitte from Denmark, brilliantly shows how everyday objects can be turned into works of art using black, white and every shade in between to pull out details, textures and light.  She also keeps reminding me how the next assignment will be the 25th.  I have come up with a theme which I hope will be seen as grand. 🙂

Scott from Syracuse, New York (hey, that’s me!) tried his best to find a suitable landscape photo he could convert to black and white and a sports photo harkening back to the day when all sports was done the same way.  I think he succeeded.

Robin of Ohio shares in photos and words why she likes Black and White photography which can convey strong drama and emotional impact than a color photo.

Carsten from Denmark shared with us what I would call a set of classic street photography photos from Rome. Street photographers are known for only shooting in black and white.

I see another photoblogger from Denmark, Truels, is still having winter weather like me.  He made the best of it and found using black and white photography suited the season.  Stay warm over there!

Elisa from places unknown 🙂 shares two striking black and white compositions using creative use of aperture and light:  Identity of Time and Place and A Diamond in the Dark.

deirdrej from New England pops in a little late but since she left the link anyway 🙂 , she shared a couple of photos.  One was easy to de-colorize and the other made for a very moody de-colorized image.

Until next time when I will be posting the Grand 25th Assignment, look over these posts and enjoy!

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11 Responses to Assignment 24: Recap

  1. sonali says:

    Nice to see so many interesting contributions! Thank you very much 🙂


  2. dawnkinster says:

    A really good mix here Scott. I still have to figure out HOW to change my photos to black and white…still working on that…though I can see it would be a really fun and interesting thing to do. I think I like the people photos best in most of the submissions. The hands with the henna…the coach in your shot…the older veteran. Thanks for doing these challenges. I learn a lot even when I don’t have time to play along.


    • There were some amazing photos here. I learned a lot and might even look for more black and white compositions in the future. As for how to do it, most photo editors have a way to de-saturate a photographic image. It can be more involved in that once done but that’s a good place to start.


  3. Karma says:

    Aw, you left me out 😦
    Oh well, I forgive you Scott 😉


  4. Nye says:

    Scott, you left me out too. 😦


  5. Robin says:

    Thank you, Scott. It was a lot of fun. 🙂


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