Assignment 22: Recap

As a color photographer, I was happy as a turkey the day after Thanksgiving when visiting all the links from the Color Composition assignment.  In all, thirteen photographers shared fourteen links to their very colorful photographs.  That does not include the seven preparation posts by Birgitte and other announcement posts which helped to spread the word.  Thank you!

Laurie Cybulak, an upstate New York photographer,  got us off to a quick start with a sensational autumn scene with water reflection.  The golds, reds and greens of the forest are reflected in the water ripples creating a natural water color effect.  I like the not exactly mirrored look of the photo.

Another upstate New York photographer and fellow Disney fan, Mike Christoferson, took new photos and used older ones for the assignment.  Interesting how the new and old photos were created similarly when it came to his use of color. Even in Disney. 😉

Simone from Ireland was a little worried about her submission not having a lot of color.  Never fear as she got what I was looking for.  The splash of color in her photo created impact to a setting of shapes, lines and selective focus.

Kristi Creed, who hails from Texas and has a tendency to complain about the lack of color in her environs, found two photos to share with us.  The first is an extremely colorful sunset similar to one of  Mike Christoferson’s photo where she uses a silhouetted tree to add scale and interest.  Her second takes us under the sea in a study of the color blue.

Nye, hailing from Southeast Asia and now living in the Southeastern United States, constructed a photo contrasting the change of seasons from summer to fall in a very creative and colorful way. While she used a compositional rule, she used the colors first in her photo.

Dawn, from the state of Michigan, shared with us how the color blue became a theme for her compositional study and I may say she did an excellent job of presenting and sharing her thoughts of each photo.

Isa from Switzerland always has a thoughtful contribution.  Her selection of photos are full of color and splashes of color in just the right places.  What I enjoy most from Isa is seeing Switzerland through the eyes of a local.  The country is more than mountains us Westerns associate it with.

Karma from the great state of Massachusetts found and created a few well composed and colorful photographs in the dreary month of November.  Jealous of her bluebirds!

When I was looking for photos to help explain the use of color in composition, I came across a photo from the George Eastman House which I decided to save for my own post.  Then I found a few more in Disney’s Wonderful World of Color. 🙂 Shocking, I know.

Barry Wallis from California chips in with a swirl of color taken while riding the Astro Orbiter in Disneyland.  Yep, us Disney photographers will take our cameras on anything in the parks.

Truels from Denmark continues to impress me each time.  His photography skills have grown so much since he first started blogging almost three years ago.  His Color Compositions he shares with us are stunning from this trips and near his home.

CheyAnne Sexton of New Mexico shows us how you can use FaceBook to share with us (will have to add that to my assignment announcements).  Her photo of a rusted and abandoned truck lets our minds fill in the colors the sunlight is washing over.

If I ever give out an award for overachieving, Brigitte of Denmark would surely have won it for this assignment.  She shared with us seven preparation links before her official contribution post.  I can not choose a favorite among them so here they all are for your enjoyment:

Colorful Assignment Preparation 1
Colorful Assignment Preparation 2
Colorful Assignment Preparation 3
Colorful Assignment Preparation 4
Colorful Assignment Preparation 5
Colorful Assignment Preparation 6
Colorful Assignment Preparation 7
Colorful Assignment

This concludes this year’s assignments.  Thank you all for sharing all your fine photography this year.  I know I have learned a lot from each one of you.  I am making a list for next year’s assignments.  If you have any ideas or suggestions, drop me a note using either a comment here or privately via the Contact form.

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3 Responses to Assignment 22: Recap

  1. The “local” is very thankful for your comments on her pictures in this assignment 😉
    She looks forward to participating to your new photography challenges next year.
    Thanks for all I have learned on your blog and others’ around you.


  2. Kathy says:

    Looks like you had lots of participation in your color assignment, Scott. I enjoyed looking at several of the posts you’ve mentioned here. We really need to keep our eyes open to color at this time of year!


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