Assignment 22: Color Composition

I thought finding examples for this month’s assignment on Color Composition would be easy.  I photograph everything in color and seldom convert to Black and White.  Lo and behold, it seems I pay attention to shapes, locations and relationships of subjects inside my camera’s viewfinder.  That is not a bad thing though surprising to me.

This got me looking for articles to help me locate examples in my archives. Since I am asking you to do the same or, if you like, make new photos to share showing how color is used for composition, here are three articles I found very helpful:

How to Use Color in Photographic Composition
(With 9 Gorgeous Examples)

Color and Light in Photographic Composition

Using Color to Create Strong Photo Compositions

This being the last assignment of the year, I am asking if anyone has any ideas or suggestions for next year’s assignments.  You can send them to me by clicking here.

As in the other assignments, do not send me your photos. What I would like you to do is post them on your blog, flickr, Google+ or other photo sharing site, personal website or any place on the Internet where you can place a link to it here by making a comment to this blog entry. Then, we can all visit those sites and enjoy everyone’s Color Composition photos.

Please, have your photos posted on or before Midnight (your time zone), Wednesday, November 21, 2012.  Might be a good time to start up a blog or join a photo community like flickr.  As I have done for all the Assignments, I will put together a recap with my comments.

If you have any questions, leave me a comment and I will be happy to answer them. I would triply appreciate it if you would help spread the word about this assignment so we can get lots of people to participate. Blog it, Tweet it, FaceBook it, Google+ it, Pin it, Tag it, email it and talk about it to your fellow photographers, bloggers, friends, strangers in the night and family. Thank you!

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42 Responses to Assignment 22: Color Composition

  1. Giiid says:

    I´m so looking forward to see all the colorful photos, hope there will be many participants. 🙂


  2. Dawn says:

    Wonderfully instructive links – look forward to seeing this colorful display of talent. 🙂


  3. kanniduba says:

    Good articles Scott. Guess what? I’m gonna play! 😉



    Here is my contribution 🙂 This was also taken at Tanglewood Nature Center, but I used the bright daylight to capture the stark reflection off the pond. By bracketing 3 photos and merging them into HDR, it produced a very striking color vivid photograph for the end of Autumn.


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  9. Karma says:

    I am intrigued, and will do my best to participate. My fear is the lack of lovely colors available now in icky November and that I’ve featured anything that might fit this theme on the blog already!


  10. dawnkinster says:

    Interesting! Good reference material too. I have some photos in mind from the archives…yet I like the challenge of finding some color in Michigan in November. Hmmm….


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    Finally an assignment I was able to complete! Hopefully I didn’t go overboard on this one. I had fun going out with a specific purpose in mind and actually thinking about this assignment before I pressed the shutter. And what a trip down memory lane when I went through my hard drive. 😉

    Thanks Scott for putting these assignments together.


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  16. Simone says:

    I’m going with just a little bit of colour this time around:
    hmm maybe I’ll add another one too 🙂 one WITH LOTS OF colour, what’cha think?


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  18. Kristi Creed says:

    Yeeeehaaaaaaawwww!! I had a perfect photo for this assignment ;o) Here is the link on my g+ page


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  20. Hello Scott, here is my contribution :
    Wishing you a pleasant weekend !


  21. Karma says:

    My contribution this month:
    Have a happy Thanksgiving if I don’t “see ya” round the blogosphere before then!


  22. Well, look at all the contributions. Thank you all!

    Special nod goes to Brigitte for thoroughly enjoying this assignment with multiple posts. I choose to leave all her linkbacks on this post for your enjoyment.


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  24. Here’s my contribution: Using Color in Composition

    I will start making my rounds over the long holiday weekend. To those in the US, Happy Thanksgiving!


  25. Barry Wallis says:

    Here is my contribution (I have to remember to check back regularly). I took it on last year’s Kelby Photowalk and it may be my favorite photo of all time. I like the way the bright colors contrast with the more drab background: Astro-Orbiter at Disneyland


  26. my hot sun of New Mexico


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