On The Road Again

Scott behind the wheel of the red Hero car backstage at the Lights, Motors, Action Extreme Stunt Show in Disney's Hollywood Studios.

The blog author getting ready for another Great American Road Trip.

While I will not be driving the red Hero car from the Lights, Motors, Action Extreme Stunt Show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios next week.  I will be helping my daughter, Krystal, drive from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Tallahassee, Florida as she relocates for her new job.  Unlike when I drove her out to North Dakota in January of 2010, her stuff is being moved by her new employer.  I only have to help drive the 1,882 miles of road and chip in for hotels and meals. What are Dads for, right?

Don’t worry, the recap for the Motion Assignment is done and will post tomorrow.

If you wish to follow our adventure, I will be posting comments and photos on my @sthomasphotos Twitter  and Google+ feeds (click links) starting tonight.

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8 Responses to On The Road Again

  1. Truels says:

    I like your expression behind the wheel of the red Disney car: “I’ll just give it full power!”
    The speed ​​is probably more moderate on the road, I hope!
    I wish you and your daughter a nice, pleasant and safe journey on the road the next days. I hope you enjoy long roadtrips as well as I do myself…


  2. Karma says:

    Best wishes for an enjoyable and trouble-free trip!


  3. milkayphoto says:

    You look like such a little boy in this photo! Are you saying “V’room! V’room!” ? 😉

    Good luck on the trip! I’m sure it will be difficult to have your little girl so far away from home.


  4. sybil says:

    Milkayphoto said just what I wanted to say. You look like such a happy lil’ chap.


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